The Lady of Pain, Her Serenity, the most high-up of all Sigil's Bloods, is a mystery wrapped in enigma. She never speaks, but her will is plain to the dabus without a sound. What is the meaning of Our Lady's dread silence? No one knows. Her servitors, the dabus, don't utter a sound either, but their actions speak for them. The strange symbiosis between the dabus and the Lady has been commented on by more than one graybeard, but few are willing to go the next step and suggest that perhaps the Lady is one of the dabus , perhaps their queen, or even (whisper) their goddess. There's no real evidence for it, but it seems plausible.

Kesto Brighteyes, owner of the Parted Veil bookstore

Sigil's a place where anyone and anything can happen, and a lot of it does. The Lady of Pain's not interested in the petty squabbles of day-to-day affairs. A murder here, a mugging there - that's not her concern because the Harmonium can take care of that. The Lady of Pain only takes action against threats to the security of Sigil and that typically means threats to her security. She has three main rules: 1) Do not worship Her, 2) Do not engage in the Blood War, and 3) No powers allowed.

Now, don't get me wrong berk, killing the dabus, initiating an uprising, worshipping Aoskar, and destroying portals are all things that'll get you noticed by her, so as a practice don't do them either. But those should go without saying. So just stick with me berk and I'll see to it that you stay clear of the mazes.

Willum the Tout

Characterization Enigmatic, Cold, Unforgiving
Common Hangouts The Court of Pain (The Palace of the Jester)
Capabilities Though not recognized as a true deity, within Sigil she is everything but. She can reportedly open and close portals, maze her enemies, kill at a glance (or the covering of a shadow), and remake the city at a whim.
Allies/Contacts The Dabus
Enemies Most are not foolish enough to openly consider her an enemy
Current Events

After a recent meeting with hundreds of dabus in the Zactar Cathedral, the Azrai have learned that the dabus consider their mistress, the Lady of Pain, to be missing. As a result, many of them seem to be losing memories, repeat mindless taks, or wander aimlessly. Those that are more dedicated watch and wait for her on the rooftops near the Asylum, the last place they claim that she went.