Silvanus Andrellus is the greatest historian of our time--of any time. He has endured cycle after cycle, calmly, painstakingly detailing events objectively. The Chronicler, Astinus, and The Watcher are all names that have been given to him, though none can truly do him justice. So treasured are even scraps of his writing that kings have offered their crowns in exchange. It is unfortunate that the Libraries of Toth and Oghma have both been destroyed. I have heard that they held pages from some of his greatest works. I would love to have seen them.

Factol Ambar

In the third age, the age of Numorea, the great sage Silvanus Andrellus writes [in the Infernicum Mallemancia] as if he witnessed the dawn of time. We can also place him as being alive as recently as this cycle due to his authoring of The Fall of Arendur! This is quite amazing! Is he truly as old as time itself. Or does each age have it's own Silvanus Andrellus to carry the torch of truth, illuminating all events within?

Darius Forkmaker


I have heard that Silvanus is trapped by his responsibilities. Destined to watch and write forever, blessed with insight granted by countless ages of observation, but never able to walk the world of men. I imagine this could drive a man insane.


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Current Events

In their travels to the spire, the Azrai encountered a lone Rilmani who called himself Silvanus. Their is some speculation as to whether or not this was actually Silvanus Andrellus, or just a Rilmani with the same name.

After reading choice excerpts in the library of Toth (before it was destroyed) and clues from Derioch Ysarl's Asylum files, the Azrai learned that Torshorak, Silvanus Andrellus, and Trolan the Mad may all be one and the same.