Many believe that Tolumvire is more myth than legend. This could not be further from the truth. Believe me, the man was everything they say and more. All of us, Thaumaturgusts, Slayers, and Engineers alike, were not the type to be easily impressed. But we would have followed him anywhere...and we did. He was the best of all of us. Maybe the best ever.

Veridis Mov

Who was the greatest wizard of all time? Well, now that is a good question. Hmmm, though we may have monuments to Bigby and Tenser, great writings from Elminster and Mordenkainen, and amazing adventures from Melf and Tasha, the best ever, well that is a no-brainer: Tolumvire.

Who you say? What, what!! Oh my dear boy, you cannot consider yourself properly educated without at least a passing understanding of the great Thaumaturgist Tolumvire. Have a seat, but mind those papers, yes?

There is little doubt (and little arguement mind you) that Tolumvire was certainly the greatest wizard of last age. That is the Golden Age, the age of Arendur. Now Tolumvire was a Thaumaturgist-a scholarly member of the magical aristocracy of that age. As such, he already has a leg up on the other wizards I mentioned because Thaumaturgists were the undisputed leaders of the Cabal-a highly secretive organization with access to knowledge and power far beyond that which anyone of this age is capable. Anyway, Tolumvire was not only a Thaumaturgist, he was the leader of the Thaumaturgists.

So!? What do you mean SO! That means he was the best of the best. I would hazard a guess that the lowliest of blooded Thaumaturgists could whisk the robes right off of your precious Bigby before he could even think to conjure one of his ridiculous magical fists! And he was not only the best of the best, my poor misinformed child, he had solved the method to achieve the Great Reconciliation and he very nearly succeeded in altering the very fabric of the entire multiverse! I doubt Tasha could even grasp the meaning of what I am saying. Why? Because that cretin would be too busy rolling around in the thralls of her own hideous laughter.

Anyway, Tolumvire was...wait a minute, did you just ask what the Great Reconciliation was? Oh my word, (they'll let anybody into university these days). Sit back and relax, you're going to be here a while...

Tripicus, hopelessy trying to teach one of his students

Characterization Steadfast, Inspiring,
Common Hangouts The Last Cycle
Capabilities The greatest Thaumaturgist of all time
Allies/Contacts In his day, Tolumvire had the full support of an Empire
Enemies The Infernus
Current Events After Tolumvire's death, it was prophesied that he would be reincarnated. This may have already happened as some believe he has been reborn as the Factol of the Illuminated--The Green Marvent.