When the Azrai first heard of Torshorak, he was a middling Illuminated member who reportedly followed a bizarre entropic religion. After stealing the sword Memory from an Illuminated headquarters in the Spire, he defected from the organization and disappeared for quite some time.

Unfortunately, remarkably little is known of who or what Torshorak is. Undoubtedly powerful (and apparently able to wield Memory), Torshorak seems to draw incredible energy from the worship of an unknown deity of destruction. The literal translation of his name (Tor -'serpent', Shorak - 'slayer') may provide some insight into his actions and motivation. During the few occasions that the Azrai have encountered him, he wildly proclaimed that he was the harbinger of destruction and that he would slay the serpent of time (i.e. end the cycles). Whether or not there is any merit to this is yet to be determined.

Characterization Unpredictable, Intense, Zealous, Insane
Common Hangouts Chapel Perilous?
Capabilities An overwhelmingly powerful cleric of destruction, current wielder of Memory
Allies/Contacts Eschaton?
Enemies ???
Current Events

After reading choice excerpts in the library of Toth (before it was destroyed) and clues from Derioch Ysarl's Asylum files, the Azrai learned that Torshorak, Silvanus Andrellus, and Trolan the Mad may all be one and the same.

Rumors have placed a man meeting Torshorak's description at the Chapel Perilous, headquarters of the Eschaton. Further Zactar intelligence suggests he may even be a high ranking Eschaton member.

Shortly after Torshorak was seen inside the Chapel Perilous, Gaibriel and Greylord managed to follow Torshorak to a windswept white desert landscape that may have been remnants of the first city (Raak-po). There an epic struggle unfolded where Ingen Jegger, Torshorak, and the Azrai battled one another. The ultimate prize was the Memory stone, which is now in the possession of the Azrai.