Some time ago the Azrai were at the university, when they met a most interesting individual. Since then, Atticus has been a great help (and sometimes something of a complication) to the Azrai and their endeavors.

Atticus can at times appear almost childlike in his demeanor. Naïve, innocent, and confused are words that may come to the minds of people when they first meet him. Always tinkering with a device, or cleaning, categorizing and sorting his workmenís tools by function, size, shape, and color, or writing in one of his note books seems to be how he entertains himself.

Although he is most known for his ability to craft and use many wondrous mechanical devices, there is complexity to him that often goes unseen. Once people get to know him, or if they see him under stressful circumstances, they may see a very different side of Atticus. Erratic, violent, reactionary, with a deep vengeful streak, Atticus definitely has a dark side to him. This is most noticeable around the subject of Lawshredder and those associated with him.

At the request of Factol Ambar, he has recently joined the Believers of the Source.

Characterization Absent-minded, Creative, Friendly, Obsessed
Common Hangouts The Foundy, The Mechanist Guild
Capabilities A high mechanical aptitude, currently making contacts within the Godsmen and the Mechanistís guild, and an expert at urban tracking.
Allies/Contacts The Azrai, Rogue, The Mechanist Guild, Godsmen
Enemies Lawshredder, Valiant, The Eschaton, The Vile Hunt
Current Events

Over the last several months, Atticus has been disappearing from Sigil for long stretches of time. He is increasingly more secretive, and seems to be irritated if he is interrupted often.

Just before joining, the Godsmen hired him to rework the main ventilation system of the Foundries main forge, but lately he has been working on something in the Mechanistís guild and can be found around town more often.