At the end of each cycle every turning of the great wheel, there are those who have parts to play. This is when a select few surrender control of their own fates so that they might war for the fates of all others. In what would be the last of all cycles, Edward James Dumas found that his destiny was one that few would have expected.

Known always by the moniker Edward The Conjurer, he was one of several sons of a wealthy merchant family known as patrons of the arts. Following family tradition, he was enrolled in the schhol of conjuration at the Circle of Amassed Arcanae, the oldest sxhool His natural magic talent submerged until it could be given structure, Edward excelled in all teachings that had an arcane bent.

During the Azrai's earlier conflicts with the illuminated, Edward took their side during a barfight with the harmonium. He would quickly take up their cause as his own, and as his extraplanar travels opened up new talents, destiny began to find Edward. An encounter with Crank revealed that Edward was a chronomancer - a mantle inherited by only one individual every cycle. Sometime later, during an Azrai Raid on The Chapel Perilous, newly minted at the time as an Eshaton base of operations, Edward found himself at the bottom of a deep pit, face to face with Torsherak. After a brief but cataclysmic conflict, Torsherak stepped through a gate, taking the unconcious Edward with him. Later in a time-disturbing trip to Renais through the plane of the Beastlands, the Azrai would discover Edward acting as the Keeper of Secrets, serving as master of knowledge to the empire that had existed in the last cycle.

The TimeReaver ritual, sponsored by Duke Rowan Darkwood in an effort to acquire the Sorrow Stone, sent Edward back in time seemingly to fulfill his destiny of becoming the Keeper of Secrets. However, history has been irrevocably altered, and now it may be that Edward the Conjurer never existed in the first place.

Conceited, Driven, Cocky, Social Butterfly, Artist. Lives by and for matters arcane.
Common Hangouts
The Circle of Amassed Arcanae, The Hall of Records, Sigil's Gallery district, Bars of all kinds.
Living battery of magic energy. Channels power through traditional & fate-effecting magic, as well as Chronomancy.
Bladestar, Fel, Tyrion, Vox Populi, the Fated, the Zactar, the Azrai, & the LIT.
Helios, Factol Victor, Ygrax, Oni-Maho, Skiba, bad art.
Current Events
After traveling deep in to the past to research the mysteries of the present, it is belived that Edward failed to prevent a murder of one of his ancestors, resulting in the erasure of Edward's existence. As of the present time, only the Azrai and a few key individuals are aware that there was ever a being named Edward the Conjurer. Fel, for instance, dreams regularly of a man resembling Edward, or possibly the keeper.