When the arts of combat, dance, arcana, and song collide, what you are left with is Greylord Elvenflight. An established warrior in his own right, his blade and prowess are only magnified by his ability to augment his skills through magic. Self-proclaimed "Champion of the Elven race", he seeks to unite those among his people willing to join forces to play out the role fate holds for them in the cataclysm to come.

Though relatively small in stature, his direct approach to dealing with people, the scowl on his face (which more often has come to replace his smile as time in Sigil and fate wear on), and his unique appearance serve to deter casual encounters, albeit when addressed, he is always friendly, respectful, and welcoming. At 5'11" and 128 lbs., his fair skin provides a stark contrast to his jet black hair and emerald eyes. Most commonly adorned in a fine black cloak which falls back over his shoulders covering his pristine, shining, metallic charcoal, elven chainmail armor which bears the metallic blue Trueblood family crest. But only peaking through the neck and right sleeve of his fine armor is the hint of what those close enough to him to have seen in its entirety, describe as one of the most exquisite, unusual examples of tattoo art. Rivaled only by the original designs of Fel, himself, the pattern is said to cover exactly one half of his body. This is demonstrated by the portions visible when fully clothed and armored, as the paw of a panther extends to wield its claws on his right hand and the face of a panther is super-imposed on the right side of his face, pausing to take it its surroundings whenever he closes his eyes.

Greylord can frequently be seen traveling the streets of Sigil moving among the many faction headquarters over which he spreads his time. Though a member of the Illuminated, he currently resides in the Gatehouse where he is on assignment studying under the renowned mage Darioch Ysarl. Devoted to Ren, Zactar, Jason, and the budding faction's cause, he also spends a great deal of time with the Zactar. Recently he has also been taking advantage of the cathedral's access to Crux, where it is said an elven army is amassing, waiting to march under his banner. The majority of his time as of late has been allocated to Otto Tallfellow, the fated, and his involvement with the Lawshredder investigation team and their commitment to bring the serial killer to justice.

Characterization Brave, Reserved, Loyal, Passionate, Eloquent, Graceful, Diplomatic
Common Hangouts The Gatehouse, Zactar Cathedral, The Hall of Records, The Blacksail Tavern, Fel's Tattoo shop, Crux
Capabilities Established fighter, he combines the art of dance and the art of combat in a brilliant rhapsody. A formidable mage, his efforts are usually concentrated in swinging the tide of battle in his ranks favor. A loyal, patient, and devoted friend to those closest to him.
Allies/Contacts Ren, Zactar, Malikar, Jason, Jarus, The Azrai, Darioch Ysarl, Fel, The Anauroch Elves...
Enemies The scarred drow, Lawshredder, Lannister, The Viper, The Butcher, Red Shroud, Cadmus, Bel, Ygrax, Ingen Jegger...
Current Events Investigating the Lawshredder murders, Studying under Darioch Ysarl, Volunteering time to the Zactar H.O.P.E. Center, Organizing the Anauroch in Crux, Rumored to be looking to advertise hourly dance instruction.