The nearly ever-present drizzle in Sigil lends to many a cloaked figure walking the streets. One of these figures is the Harmonium’s most sought after criminal, Jason Gembright. On the streets he is constantly covered and hidden in his deep hood, in private he sheds the cloak in favor of tight black and buckled pants, a tight black shirt and heavy, polished, silver breastplate. A black, runed, artifact of a bow is strung across his back with his shield. A silver mechanically styled short sword is strapped, ever-present on his thigh. His thick auburn beard and muttonchops are nappy and dreaded into one enormous lock, as is his hair that protrudes from the crest of his head. Small braids intersperse the tangled naps in his beard and hair. His face and body are scarred and burnt from many battles. His veneer is relaxed and confident, controlled and imposing. It hides a ferocious intensity that can surface in an instant.

Jason has been fighting the shadow war that is the battle for the multiverse for a long time. He remembers when the enemies were different and when dead comrades still breathed. He’s not ageless or even fallen, he’s not reincarnated or held over from another time, he’s not even that old, but he has been deeply involved in resisting those that try to dominate others since he came to Sigil what seems like an eternity ago. He has found a mentor in Ren, a spiritual teacher in Zactar, and a home at the Zactar Cathedral. And as a Zactar member and newly appointed Factor, Jason has finally managed to swim in the currents of his fate no longer merely struggling to stay afloat. Now he is dictating his own course, planning and pushing his agenda. However, as he has gained in power and prestige, his enemies have more and more realized the trouble that Jason can be as an adversary, and they’ve responded accordingly.

Whenever he is in Sigil, Jason continually has to remain out of the gaze of the Harmonium, who want him for attacking their factol. But who can stay away from Sigil for long? As Zactar Factor, Jason helps to manage the faction’s spy network and started the HOPE center. He is an official member of the inter-faction Lawshredder investigation team and works under a Fated mandate to find the Sorrow Stone. The war for the Beastlands was started under his command and threatens to escalate from guerilla war to open military engagement. In addition to helping other Azrai with group and personal projects, Jason has his eyes on the black mithral mines outside of Broken Reach. And of the Azrai, he is most involved in supporting the growing Crux army. Jason has matured from a keen but over exuberant archer and sword fighter to a seasoned general, diplomat and power broker. He’s a good man to know.

Characterization Gruff, Confident, Opinionated, Pragmatic
Common Hangouts Zactar Cathedral, Crux, Beastlands
Capabilities Personally a fierce sword fighter and archer, Jason’s true power lies in his connections.
Allies/Contacts The Azrai, The Zactar, Verdis Mov and the Crux Army, Quillith and the Beastlands guerrilla fighters, Moradin, Cedus Backbreaker, Malikar, Annali, Duke Ixion, Fel, the Church of Pelor, the Erythaol family and anyone else fighting tyranny.
Enemies Lannister/Lord Valiant, the Viper/Lord Victor, the Shadowknave, the Harmonium, the Mercykillers, the Illuminated, the Iron Ring, the Vile Hunt, Malar, Ygrax, Bel, Red Shroud, Torshorack and of course Lawshredder.
Current Events Most recently Jason has pioneered a public face to the Zactar in the HOPE Center. It is designed to bring relief to the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Sigil.