When the Azrai first encountered Kaleb, he was imprisoned by the Mercykillers, shackled, before being magically connected to Gaibriel. This was all in a joint effort by the Mercykillers and the Lawshredder Investigation Team to locate the Hound (whom Kaleb could reputedly recognize since he had seen him just before he was arrested hundreds of years earlier).

Most remarkably, Kaleb actually hails from Aramel, a kingdom of Ranais in the Age of Arendur. He was shocked, in fact, to learn that he had somehow survived the Fall and was one of only a few remnants of the last cycle. Mysteriously, his last memories include escaping the Palace of Oranor after a botched robbery with his friend Baali Hardback and a strangely willing captive--The High Priest of Ranais, Fel.

Despite his centuries long imprisonment, it did not take Kaleb long to adjust to life outside of a cell. Unfortunately for the rest of the Azrai, Kaleb also returned to what he was most familiar with--scamming, wenching, and good old-fashioned thievery. Though he in know way plans on going "the straight and narrow," he has joined the Zactar and serves as a go-between for various Zactar intelligence operations.

Characterization Mischievous, Canny, Troublesome, Creative, Charismatic
Common Hangouts Zactar Cathedral, The H.O.P.E. Center, The Lower Ward, The Market Ward, The Lady's Ward
Capabilities Sneaky and Charismatic, he can accomplish most any underhanded task you could imagine. He also runs a portion of the very large and extremely efficient Zactar spy network. Although he is a master of disguise, his shockingly bright purple eyes often betray his true identity.
Allies/Contacts The Zactar, The Azrai, Fel, Tyrion
Enemies Lord Victor, Valiant, The Vile Hunt, The Eschaton, The Mercykillers, Lawshredder. Did I mention Lord Victor--He HATES Victor
Current Events

Kaleb almost did not recover when he learned that Baali Hardback, his old friend and compatriot in crime had survived the Fall of Arendur only to rot in a cell directly next to his for hundreds of years before escaping and becoming Lawshredder's sixth victim.

Once Kaleb recognized Gaibriel as the man he had seen ages ago--The Hound--he despaired that his luck would ever improve. After all, hundreds of years later he had finally escaped the confines of the prison only to be magically linked to the very man who was primarily responsible for his capture years ago. Luckily, the magic between him and Gaibe has mostly faded--a turn of events which leads Kaleb to thank the powers that be every single day.

Since joining the Zactar, Kaleb's talents have been put to excellent use by the undermanned faction. After handling a great deal of Rannon's responsibilities (during Rannon's hiatus), he has established a very productive network of spies and informants.