Loremaster Otto Tallfellow has been at the side of Duke Rowan Darkwood for as long as anyone can remember. Records show that they arrived in Sigil together. Once Darkwood was “made” Factol of the Fated, he appointed Otto as his personal advisor, though until recently, he has remained in the shadows.

In exchange for political backing, Darkwood has asked the Azrai to find the powerful and elusive Sorrow stone for him. Otto has been “placed” with the group to oversee this endeavor. Tallfellow has subsequently been promoted to the rank of Factor to help accomplish this goal.

Many dismiss Otto for stature. Many a scholar have nearly tripped over this gnome while researching in the Hall of Records. This does not bother Otto, for makes his presence known when it needs to be.
Otto’s status as a respected Priest of Oghma (god of knowledge) puts him in the perfect position as advisor to the Azrai. Tallfellow has taken on the daunting duty of keeping the group on task- most importantly searching for the Sorrow Stone.

Considering the circumstances in which Otto joined the Azrai, he was not trusted for quite some time (especially considering his Faction allegiances). However over time and after many trials and tribulations, Otto has formed many bonds with the group and he has proven himself a worthy and a valuable comrade.

Characterization Perceptive, Lucky, Clever, Resolute, Wise, Polite until pushed
Common Hangouts Hall of Records, Temple of Oghma, Tripicus's Study, Black Sail Tavern
Capabilities A seeming endless font of knowledge, especially Planar Lore. Potent divine magic- particularly divination. He’s no slouch on the battlefield, either.
Allies/Contacts Duke Rowan Darkwood, Reanna of Oghma, Marcus of Oghma, Tripicus, The Zactar, The Mezzio Family
Enemies Bel, Kedward Bone, Factol Lannister, Lord Valiant, Falkirk, Helios, The Giordanni Family, The PTC
Current Events

Otto is leading the tax-fraud case versus the Giordanni family. He’s acting as advisor to Beckett and Sly Ny, the lawyers acting on the Fated’s behalf.

His primary task, though perpetually sidelined, is to find the Sorrow Stone for Darkwood. Though Darkwood has done most of the research on his own, Otto’s working on being a leading scholar on the subject.

Otto is one of the leaders of a joint Zactar/Fated/Signer/Temple of Oghma task force to rid the Beastlands of the Vile Hunt and the “sickness” going on there.

Otto’s terribly interested in studying the Godstones. Although he has little time for research these days.

Involved in the Lawshredder Investigation

Due to his dear friends Atticus and Tripicus getting infected with Silverweed, Otto has been helping Phaedora with her research on the subject.

Though nowhere near the expert that Gaibriel is, Otto’s made himself very learned on the poem Deilores.