She doesn't make eye contact at first. Not that she's distracted, she simply hasn't gotten around to it yet. When she does, her gaze is piercing and fleeting. The first impression you get is one of superiority, not that she thinks she's better than you are, but that other people likely would. She has the artificial confidence inspired by being connected to something greater than her, you assume from her trappings that it is her faith that gives her this confidence. You're half right.

On the mundane side of things, she has a beautiful face framed by long brown hair. Her features are defined, but certainly not sharp, her skin pigmented slightly by genetics, yet pallored by environment, leaving her dusky yet healthy looking, a veritable flare of life when in the Mortuary. Swathed in gray, charcoal and black robes most of the time, yet many of you have seen her fitted for a ball. In either costume, she is the pinnacle of poise and grace. There exists a sadness, initially dismissed as a necromancer's distemper, it seems to blossom into a foreigner's homesickness and awkwardness.

Following this revelation, you find out she has been in Sigil for as long as most people can remember. The stunning figure in the Mortuary does stand out, despite her attempts to remove herself from the outside world. Yet she is not of Sigil, this much is clear.

In her daily practice, she is sharp, precise and inquisitive.  She does not profess to having all the answers, but you find with time that she is excellent at posing questions, and, given enough time, she will find the answers, by any means necessary.  She commands respect and loyalty from those around her, and is as capable a natural philosopher as any other, bar perhaps one.

And in action, she is fearsome, moving with deliberation, and channeling forces most fear to explore with a practiced hand and ruthless efficiency that belies her features. She has no qualms about dealing with powerful forces, dark or otherwise. This is simultaneously reassuring and frightening. She seems to be an ally, as your interests are convergent, but her loyalties have yet to be proven, if she indeed has any to speak of.

Characterization Aloof, Poised, Inquisitive, Distracted
Common Hangouts Mortuary
Capabilities Researcher, Coroner, Inquisitor, Necromancer
Allies/Contacts Yorick, Trevant, Noshteroth
Enemies Prisine, Valiant
Current Events Now that the ingredients of silverweed have pretty much been uncovered, she is searching for razorvine blossoms to find a cure.  She has also been distracted with other research.

Pheodora has recently been promoted to City Coroner. As such she is both a factor and the political face of the Dustmen.