She's difficult to talk to.  Not because she's unfriendly…exactly.  She's just hard to pin down.  If you do manage to corner her long enough for a conversation, she avoids eye contact at first.  Not because she's afraid, or shy.  You get the distinct impression that she's not happy about being interrupted.  And just what is she doing anyway?  She spends an awful lot of time in the library or chatting up Chadley Storkbottom from the Hall of Information.  When she does look at you, her gaze is intense. You almost feel as if she really knows you … is part of you … you want to … do … something, or … say… something …. anything that will please her, anything that will make this woman smile at you.  Now where did that thought come from?!

No one would say she is beautiful in a classic sense.  Her features are just a little too strong for that - her mouth a little too wide, her jaw a little too square.  Taller than some men, she has a lithe and muscular figure that has given more than one light-finger second thoughts about marking her.  The one that didn't, well, he almost lived to regret it.  Her hair is usually tied back with a leather cord, but you can tell it's long and black as midnight.  Coupled with bright green eyes, she's attractive enough, and with her arresting manner, she's no-one you'll ever forget.

No one knows for certain where she's from or why she's here, but rumor has it she spent some time as a guide in the Beastlands.  She may or may not have worked for the PTC, she may or may not have been a slave in the abyss.  You could ask her about it, but the last berk that tried that hasn't been seen in awhile.

She hasn't been in Sigil long, but she's certainly learned her way around.  She's becoming the one to go to if you got a berk that needs some sortin' out.  And she'll sort 'em out quick enough.

Characterization Reserved, quiet, slightly angry/chip on shoulder 
Common Hangouts Zactar Cathedral's library, Hall of Information
Capabilities Negotiator, Inquisitor, Researcher, Guide, Wizard
Allies/Contacts The Zactar is the only one she's willing to admit to.  For now.
Enemies Cadmus is the only one you know of.
Current Events

Raine has recently been accepted as a Zactar member.  While she is occasionally asked for assistance regarding special Zactar "projects", she is content to spend the large majority of her day poring through volumes in the library.