Baba Ghannouj

Baba Ghannouj, or Baba as he is commonly known, is a pixie pirate, scoundrel, hustler and bookmaker. As a longtime member of the Band of the Red Hand, a currently stranded group of interplaner pirates, Baba has learned all the tricks from a long life of larceny. He gets grudging respect from the Band, all of whom he has ripped off at some point. It has long since been the case that he is just the smartest, quickest and most convincing of all the pirates.

“If you heard abouT me, Then you didn’T hear enough. cuz They shoulda Told you To sTay far away from me. Well, no worries chap. do you need some money?”


Since coming to Crux Baba has managed to completely corner the minute currency market by dominating the informal gambling tables in the Worm, the huge common mess hall in town. With control of most of the cities cash, Baba also works in barter and is something of a commodities trader as well. Most recently he cleaned up virtually all the remaining cash in town by betting on Fadden McGee in the games surrounding the recent temple dedication, while convincing everyone else to bet against him. At this point he’s looking to expand into new money making opportunities having become the big fish in this small pond.

Characterization Elusive, Scandalous, Fun, Chatty, Convincing
Common Hangouts Red Hand Barracks, the Worm
Capabilities Naturally Invisible, Rich, Fast Talking
Allies/Contacts Band of the Red Hand, Gamblers
Enemies Town Guard, Gamblers
Current Events

Baba is on the top of the criminal underworld (if it can be called that in Crux). Because of this, he is in a position of power and has no real interest in giving that up. Yet he, like most of the Red Hand, grows increasingly bored and restless--a dangerous situation.