Anyone who comes to Crux is affected by the influence of Father Bentham and his companion Firestar. The ranking member of the Church of Pelor in Crux, Father Bentham is responsible for bringing some of the most basic amenities to the town including light and food. Father Bentham may be the nicest person youíll meet in Crux. He came at the request of the Church of Pelor and leads a contingent of field medics on a humanitarian mission for the town. Firestar, Father Benthamís cohort and mount, is a young gold dragon who often takes the form of an intense young man and whose primary job is to guard the Tear of Sunlight while it is in town. Father Bentham is also assisted by Zanarkand Ril a thin, lithe elven paladin who is a Sergeant in Pelorís army.

ďJusT because we have differenT views doesníT mean you caníT enjoy my hospiTaliTy. Can I geT you someThing To eaT, or drink?Ē


Recently the Church of Pelor has made some great strides in Crux. They havea new magnificent temple and have received the Tear of Sunlight, a great artifact recovered from the Beastlands, that rises and falls from the center of the temple and brings light to the town. Now Father Bentham has found himself in the position of head priest at a new temple with a growing following and a powerful artifact as a centerpiece.

Father Bentham seems to be always available with understanding and compassion and often cuts through the tough exterior of the many cynical people in town with his genuine kind words.

Characterization Gentle, Kind, Compassionate, Accommodating, Accepting
Common Hangouts Temple del Sol, Occasionally the Worm
Capabilities Bentham is a noted healer, an accomplished spellcaster, and unbeknown to most, proficient with his holy heavy mace.
Allies/Contacts Crux Elders, Adam and the Church of Pelor, Marko
Enemies No one hates Father Bentham
Current Events

Father Bentham is busy moving into his new temple and organizing his troops to better accomplish his humanitarian mission in Crux.

Since the Tear of Sunlight has arrived, conditions on the temple side of the branch have responded very well to the daily bathing of magical sunlight. On the dark side of the branch, however, it is almost as if things have become worse. The first case of Tree Blight in Crux was found in an area that never receives light. Bentham is investigating these effects.