Blackburn LysT

Blackburn Lyst grew up a young noble with all the trappings of wealthy life--a good education, leisure time and of course money. He loved to travel, hunt and explore. He had a mollusk collection and wrote treatises on invertebrate development. One of his travels led him to the remote and exotic tree world of Yggrdrassil and a small settlement in the crux of the world tree. He was completely unprepared for what he found. The people of the townall had grey skin, grey hair, grey clothes and grey Hoplite style armor. Although he was initially shunned by the locals and placed under armed guard at all times, the people of Crux eventually learned to accept him. Regardless of the friendships that he formed, Blackburn was told that he would never leave this new place.

Never one to waste time, Blackburn continued studying magic and even became an active member of the community. He eventually met Vargas and became his pupil and friend, learning much from the old sage. In the years following, Blackburn collected many books and, with his new wife Riecee, founded a research center/library called the Keep of Yggrdrassil. Due to the encroachment of the taint, he later founded the Keepers, an organization devoted to preserving the World Tree. Once the city was liberated by the Azrai and opened up to outsiders, Blackburn and his library became an important asset for all involved. As a member of the town’s council of elders, Blackburn has been fully assimilated into the city’s culture and, as a trusted member of the society, he is finally able to leave his new home.

“My wife and I have been sTudying The TainT infecTing The Tree for some Time now and whaT we’ve found is ThaT iT is somehow relaTed To The God aT The End of All Things. iT’s The same kind of energy.”


Blackburn has just returned from working with a Zactar sponsored campaign in the Beastlands as a diplomat and researcher. Following a close encounter with a Balor, he has returned home and begun many new research projects based on his recent experiences in the Beastlands. His wife Riecee has replaced him as a field operative and continues to gather information for the library. Most recently he has been playing host to a mysterious scholar name Raine who disappeared as quickly as she came.

Characterization Curious, Sharp, Scholarly
Common Hangouts Crux--Keep of Yggrdrassil library
Capabilities Blackburn specializes in the study of portals and planar travel
Allies/Contacts Vargas, Jason Gembright, Riecee Lyst
Enemies Vile Hunt, Dyson, The Hag
Current Events

Blackburn has been concentrating on his library and research center.