Old Man Danes

For the longest time Old Man Danes was master of the forge in the Doomguard Armory in Sigil. He forged or repaired some of the most potent instruments of destruction in the multiverse including his own devastating Warhammer (+5 Chaotic, Defending, Flaming, Thudering Warhammer). He was rarely involved in Doomguard politics content to forge and supervise acolytes. Eventually politics caught up with him and the rest of the Doomguard when the Harmonium came knocking. After accusing the Doomguard of illegally manufacturing and trafficking unauthorized weaponry, the Harmonium surrounded and razed the Doomguard headquarters. Due to the intervention of the Azrai, many of the Doomguard managed to escape bringing their famous forge and a cache of weapons with them. Although the Doomguard were outlawed and disbanded in Sigil, many of their members still survive hidden throughout the multiverse. While many faction members fled to the quasi-elemental plane of Ash, some, including Old Man Danes and his precious forge, were shuttled off to Crux.

“Pike off berk, sTick yer head in me TenT again and I’I'll puT a crack in iT!”


Upon arriving in Crux, Danes and the other forge workers were set up with a large tent where they could continue to ply their trade. Xanomire and Durrai, Danes’ primary assistants, have taken over the majority of the forge work because Danes has been appointed to the council of elders, a group that advises Verdis Mov in Crux. Though Danes accepted this appointment reluctantly, he serves as the voice of the Doomguard on the council. But unfortunately for Danes, he would much prefer to spend his time working the forge.

For the immediate future Danes is relatively content in Crux. Where the Doomguard forge goes, so goes Old Man Danes.

Characterization Curt, Reluctant, Direct, Diligent
Common Hangouts Crux--Armory, Doomguard Barracks, Citadel
Capabilities Danes is the master of the Doomguard forge and has been for a very long time. As such, many believe his knowledge of all types of weaponry is unequaled
Allies/Contacts Cromrich family, Council of Elders, Xanomire & Durrai, Various Doomguard throughout the planes
Enemies The Harmonium, Talosites
Current Events

Not only is Danes involved in the appraisal and reallocation of any weaponry that comes through Crux, he also is involved in the designs and future manufacturing for many of the weapons the Azrai have proposed for the large scale conflict that will surely occur in the days to come.

Danes is becoming increasingly involved in the split in the Doomguard between the followers of Shiva and the followers of Talos, as he has been seen to support Reinhardt Cromrich, a follower of Shiva.