Darden Non

The Non family has a long tradition of nobility and service. During the Golden Age, the Age of Arendur, the Non men were expected to serve as officers in the Empire’s army. Darden’s father, uncles and grandfather were all distinguished generals and leaders. Darden was no exception; he joined the army and served loyally under the service of his older cousin Jachen, a general in the command of a legion of warriors. He followed Jachen even during the great cataclysm, when the Non family, despite intense pressure to do otherwise, defended the capitol to the end. He followed Jachen when their entire regiment was banished, soulless, to the world tree. And he follows Jachen now by ensuring the laws of Crux are heeded by all.

“Our laws are few here clueless. you cannoT leave and you musT noT fighT. I know you’re noT sTupid enough To forgeT Them.”

--Darden Non

Darden Non is the symbol of law and order in Crux. Unlike his older and fiercer cousin, Darden is heavily involved in the day to day issues of the city. He personally coordinates the patrols and guard rotations as well as responds to the more violent encounters the city presents. Luckily, he is slightly more personable than Jachen and generally communicates in a less than threatening manner. He even broke with conventional wisdom by entering himself in the kendo competition during the recent Temple of the Sun dedication. Expecting to win, Darden was obviously embarrassed when defeated on points by the wandering samurai Matsutora.

Characterization Powerful, Intense, Formal, Involved
Common Hangouts Crux--The Citadel, City streets
Capabilities Darden is a powerful Slayer trained in the ancient techniques of the Cabal. As such, much of his prowess and ability seems to extend to the Etheral Plane
Allies/Contacts Jachen Non, Veridis Mov, Crux Slayers
Enemies Crux Law Breakers, Band of the Red Hand, Matsutora
Current Events

No one can guess how Darden’s pride will react to his defeat by Money Train.