Weapons Master Darthir'ri once ran a successful, exclusive dojo teaching weapons fighting to those he deemed worthy . He taught many different styles and weapons and personally is able to turn anything into an instrument of death. The weapons masterís comfortable life changed drastically when he agreed to take on a new student--Gaibriel. It was no coincidence that only a short time later the Harmonium raided Darthir'ri's dojo and arrested him for harboring a fugitive. After it was announced that he was to be publicly flogged without trial, local residents of the lower ward near his shop began to protest. Darthiri had become somewhat of an icon for the brutalized and on the day of his flogging many of the Zactar and their allies were in the crowd. When Lord Valiant stepped up to personally perform the flogging, Darthiri wrested the bundle of rods from Valiant's hand, dropped a Mercykiller punisher, and even struck Valiant across the face. At this point the Zactar in the crowd couldn'tít help but to step to his aid. While Jason Gembright and a Zactar guard named Silver attacked Valiant, Matsutora the wandering samurai (A.K.A. Money Train) grabbed Darthiri and fled the scene.

ďThe difference beTween you and your enemy is noT sTrengTh or speed. IT is Technique and ThaT difference means your life.Ē


It was only later that the Azrai and the Zactar realized Darthir'ri was not in control of his actions that afternoon. Factol Valiant had engineered this very public and very dastardly scene as a ploy to bait Gaibriel and the other Azrai into a rash decision. Though Jason Gembright became one of the most wanted men in Sigil that afternoon (he publicly attacked Valiant after all), the other Azrai remained hidden. Left with little choice, Darthir'ri accepted the Zactar's offer to live in Crux.

Once in the tree town, Darthiri realized that he had been used and as a result he'd lost everything. He fell into a deep depression and disappeared into the huddled masses of Crux. Only when a Kendo tournament was announced as an event in the Games of the Sun competition, a part of the dedication of the Temple of the Sun in Crux, did Darthiri begin to awaken from his drunken depression. In the tournament he met the wandering samurai Matsutora, for the second time. Their battle, even with wooden swords, was fierce and protracted with Matsutora finally gaining victory on points. Only after this defeat did Darthiri realize that he had been slipping. After seeing the wandering samuraiís dedication and confidence he decided to take up teaching again. Although he tries not to draw attention to himself (an endeavor that is becoming increasingly difficult for the weapons master), Darthiri has begun frequenting the training yards in Crux training larger and larger groups of fighters.

Characterization Perceptive, Patient, Silent, Wise
Common Hangouts Crux--training yards
Capabilities An excellent teacher, he has a mastery over many weapons including the obscure and exotic
Allies/Contacts Godsmen, Gaibriel, Money Train, a few select warriors of Crux
Enemies Valiant, Harmonium
Current Events

Though Darthir'ri was technically not in control of his actions when he disarmed Valiant (he was being dominated), he is still wanted for the death of the Mercykiller Punisher and the striking of a Factol--both which can be punishable by death.

Darthir'ri is quietly gaining a reputation in Crux as one of the finest warriors in town. Though he has attempted to train and teach in relative secrecy, he has not escaped the notice of several of the upper echelon of Crux.