KariThonoch of DonThir

It was not long after the Azrai liberated Crux that the native Slayers began spotting outsiders spying upon their city. Strange tanned and tattooed warriors dressed in various shades of brown were watching from afar. No matter how quickly the natives responded, they could not catch and apprehend the stealthy outsiders. Darden, frustrated by the failed apprehensions, consulted Veridis about their security options. Veridis said only that "I am watching them watching us. They will be found when they want to be found."

This was, in fact, the case. After several more weeks of glimpsed shadows, the newcomers approached en masse. Much to the amazement of even the most diligent Crux native Slayer, there were hundreds; far more than the handful they had caught sight of over the previous month. Leading this group was an obviously ancient, blind shaman named Karithonok who claimed he dreamt of Crux in prophecy sent by "The One," and followed the winds of Donthir to its very hidden location.

“The one and The will of DonThir have seen us safely To our desTinaTion. Now iT is Up To FaTe To decide The ResT.”


Karithonoch is prophet, shaman, and wise man for an entire people. These desert outsiders are actually the lost tribe of the Anauroch elves--descendants of Myth Drannor in Faerun who fled west into the deserts after the end of the last cycle. Amazingly, they have survived the harsh Anauroch desert for thousands of years and some say they have even managed to thrive in a fantastic city at the desert's center. Regardless of their origins, years of interbreeding have almost made them a race of their own. They are fine-boned but extremely tough. Dark of eye, hair, and skin, cloth covers most of their bodies barely concealing tribal tattoos and piercings.

Karithonoch claims to have migrated to Crux because of a prophecy handed down for generations. He listened to the "Will of the One" and followed the whispers of His avatar--a powerful wind spirit named Donthir. Karithonoch seems to be the only member of the Anauroch that knows the prophecy. This is not surprising since his ancient existence has bridged many generations.

Characterization Ancient, Distant, Wise, Incoherent, Respected
Common Hangouts Crux--nomadic tents outside of town
Capabilities Ancient shaman whose collective ancestral memory extends back to the days of Myth Drannor--the golden age of elves.
Allies/Contacts The Anauroch, Greylord
Enemies The Infernal hordes
Current Events

Karithonok and Donthir have led almost two hundred Anauroch to Crux. Several more have appeared since their initial arrival. Though they are still not completely trusted by the Slayer contingent, these strange elves represent a very strong force--if they plan on joining the main contingent. Brief violent conflicts between the Anauroch and the Slayers have gone remarkably badly for the Slayers. This has only added to the existing tension.

A few of the elder warriors of the Anauroch have reportedly met with Greylord. Karithonoch also speaks very highly of him.