The Transcendent Order is host to a disproportionately large number of individuals possessed of exceptional martial prowess. Money Train is one of these. Redefining the stereotype of the wandering swordsman, he says little, preferring to let his sword communicate for him. He's known for unerring focus in combat and paradoxically, his dedication to the preservation of life of all forms. To this end, when he enters combat, he never actually draws his blade, preferring to fight with it sheathed at all times.

"Your skill is excepTional. We may look upon The faces of our faThers and know glory."

--Money Train
To Darden Non afTer defeaTing him

Carbon, acting as the swordsman's agent at the time, first introduced Money Train to the Azrai as a hired gun during their bid for the freedom of Darthir'ri, a Hive ward weapons master. After a duel to a standstill with the legendary general Jason Gembright, Money Train has since lent his services to the Azrai and their allies on a number of occasions, in Crux, Sigil, and in the Planes.

Outside of his martial prowess, his history is a complicated one, inexorably linking his past, as well as his future, with a monk named Lu Shang. Observation of Money Train shows that he follows strict behavioral and spiritual guidelines, often venerating his lineage, the Matsu clan of a distant prime world. He shows little concern for material goods, giving whatever income he does not need to charities or children. The only exceptions are his ancestral blade, as well as his simple leather armor, both far older than he and decorated in white, brown, and yellow, in the style of his family.

Characterization Serious, Direct, Soft-spoken, Kind, Ethical
Common Hangouts The Great Gymnasium, Crux
Capabilities Accomplished acrobat and swordsman without equal
Allies/Contacts Reinhardt Cromlich, Carbon, Jason Gembright, Lu Shang
Enemies Skiba and Shra-Kalim
Current Events

Money Train has been working with the Doomguard in Crux recently. He's taken a small group of elite warriors under his wing. They disappear for days, sometimes weeks, in the branches of Yggrdrassil, saying little of there whereabouts. Rumor has it this group is receiving tutelage from several very old Ciphers around the Planes.