Long ago, at the base of Mt. Celestia, Mya Roan Erythaol admired Valiant and his younger half-brother Victor with whom Mya often spent time with. The brothers were the heirs of the mighty Lannister family, rulers of Lunia, the first layer of Mt. Celestia, while Mya was just a child of the equally powerful rulers of the second layer--the Erythaol family. A rift between the two noble families occurred when Valiant "fell". The infinite and everlasting good in his soul was somehow twisted into something as equally infinite and everlasting, but extraordinarily evil; and he took his younger brother with him. Few are sure exactly what happened, but whatever it was deeply offended and embarrassed Mya Roan. She has since grimly taken up the task of stopping the younger Lannister, her childhood friend--Victor.



After the alliance between the Azrai and the Erythaol family, Mya Roan has come to Crux and joined in fighting against the forces of Lord Victor on the Beastlands. She has brought her best friend, Gabriella a Trumpet Archon Ranger, Zavis her royal scout, Pyren a half-dragon family advisor, a group of Hound Archon huntsmen, a handful of Leonal bodyguards and Saturn, a Planetar in the service of Mya Roan’s uncle Erythaol. On Pyren’s recommendation, Mya Roan has stayed in Crux and begun working on integrating themselves into the city by meeting with many of the city’s elders. As a result the group is beginning to learn of the larger struggle that is encompassing the multiverse. Mya Roan plans to use this information and her new allies to better assail Victor and his followers.

Characterization Talkative, Intense, Curious, Adventurous
Common Hangouts Crux, Lunia--Heart's Faith, Lunia--Erythaol Manor,
Mercuria--Erythaol Palace
Capabilities Besides having the weight of the Erythaol family behind her every move and action, she also commands a remarkably powerful force.
Allies/Contacts Erythaol Family, Several Celstials in Lunia and Mercuria
Enemies Victor and the Vile Hunt
Current Events

Mya is gathering intelligence in Crux and beyond as is known to make frequent trips between Yggrdrassil and Mt. Celestia where it is assumed she is keeping the Erythaol family informed.