Sal'lieurunma Myannamaru

Ten years ago, at the age of one hundred and eighty, Sal’lierunma Myannamaru left his elven home. His people were a traditional, nomadic community of wood elves and Myannamaru was one of their shamans. Though he served as one of the voices his community, his main talent was in the creation of their naturalistic and temporary homes every time they settled. Unimpressed by his recent work, he left his tribe looking for artistic inspiration among the titanic branches of the World Tree.

Wandering its length for months, he came upon the bulky ramparts and stout buttressing of a castle nestled in the crux of a major branch of the world tree and its trunk. Sitting on a high branch overlooking the castle, Myannamaru noticed a large black raven watching him. Imagine his surprise when the bird spoke, warning him stay away from the castle and the small village surrounding it. But he just couldn’t resist. The lines and craftsmanship were like nothing he had seen before. As he entered the small paths among the cottages people quickly closed their shutters and hid themselves inside. Ravens seemed to be on all the houses. Another even spoke a second time in elven, again saying that he must leave. After he did not, he was surrounded by a group of strange, gray skinned soldiers. Shortly thereafter he learned that now that he had found his inspiration, he could never leave. Resigned to his fate, Myannamaru became fast friends with the scholarly mage Blackburn, the only other outsider similarly confined.

“The Tree can provide everyThing we need, we musT Then proTecT iT wiTh everyThing we have.”


Once Crux was liberated by the Azrai, Myannamaru realized that things had begun to change. What began as paranoid distrust turned to open adoration of the new outsiders. As the red skinned elf learned about the new purpose Crux, Myannamaru was struck with instant inspiration. The Azrai had set up Crux as a gathering place for the forces of the resistance and Myannamaru put himself to building a city unlike any other for these forces. He learned to make canvas out of the pulp of the tree itself and used it, in combination with his magical wood shaping abilities, to build great vaulted canvas buildings that house thousands of people.

Since then, he has become the city’s chief architect, a sustainable design advocate and a respected member of the council of elders. His architectural credits include the Worm, the Doomguard Barracks and the Temple of the Sun, his most recent and crowning achievement.

Characterization Exotic, Warm, Helpful
Common Hangouts Crux-The Worm
Capabilities Myannamaru is a visionary architect knowledgeable in the ways of nature.
Allies/Contacts Veridis Mov, Council of Elders, Father Bentham
Enemies The Taint, Enemies of the Tree
Current Events

Myannamaru has just completed building a temple in the round, the Temple of the Sun dedicated to Pelor. It is an amphitheater style, with a giant, retractable, canvas roof. The foundation was raised
from the tree itself.

Impressed with his work in Crux, the Zactar have hired him to design the new H.O.P.E. center. The Hive Office for Public Equality will be constructed around the growing Tree of Life nestled within the Hive. Similar in form to the Worm, he claims it will "perfectly meld with the surrounding environment seeming completely at peace with the urban squalor around it while also incorporating the sense of perfect hope embodied by the tree sapling."