Vargas and Dora

Long ago Vargas and Dora were Thaumaturgists in the service of Tolumvire in the great city of Arendur. As part of the great movement to unify the multiverse, they became practiced in the 'Art'--the study of conjuration and expertise in all things planar. Dora is extraordinarily knowledgeable about planar geography specializing in the lower planes while Vargas is a scholar of magical theory whose formulaic suppositions on energy are legendary. Following the Cataclysm ending the last cycle and destroying Arendur, a rift occurred within the Cabal. Slayers and Thaumaturgists turned on themselves; some of them, including Vargas and Dora, were banished by a new and brutal ruler-- the Lady of Pain. The outcasts found themselves in a strange place nestled in the crux of a great tree. Since then the banished Thaumaturgists and Slayers have settled into a calm, rural existence far away from Sigil and its tyrannical ruler.

“Your hubris will bring abouT our desTrucTion old man, who are you To challenge The dicTaTes of The Lady of Pain!”

“You would have us siT and roT for eons more on This Tree, while the faTe of The MulTiverse hangs in The balance yeT again?”

--An ongoing "debaTe" beTween Vargas and Dora

The similarities between Vargas and Dora ended the day Blackburn Lyst stumbled upon Crux. The first outsider moved Vargas to become more open about their communities plight and Dora to become more secretive, and resentful of Vargas. When Verdis Mov and Jachen Non were freed from their eons of imprisonment by the Azrai and subsequently outsiders began moving to the village, the divide between the two elder Thaumaturgists was only exacerbated. Now the two ancient thaumaturgists are opposing voices on a council of town elders that advise Verdis Mov.

Recently Vargas wrote an opera called “The Fall of the Old City” and magically displayed it at the dedication of the Temple of the Sun. A veiled, allegorical account of the Lady of Pain’s rise to power, “The Fall of the Old City” is an incredible first hand report of some of the most secretive events surrounding the end of the last age. Needless to say, Dora was furious that he showed it publicly in Crux.


Characterization Quiet, Intellectual, Formal, Aloof
Common Hangouts Crux--The Citadel and his home
Capabilities Vargas can cast the most powerful of spells. He also possesses an amazing grasp of magical theory.
Allies/Contacts Veridis Mov, Blackburn Lyst
Enemies Dora
Current Events

"The Fall of the Old City"


Characterization Dour, Opinionated, Formal
Common Hangouts Crux--The Citadel and her home
Capabilities Potent spellcaster. Scrying
Allies/Contacts Veridis Mov, Jachen Non
Enemies Vargas
Current Events

Dora has become somewhat of a spokeswoman for the more conservative members of the Crux native population including the military since “The Fall of the Old City.”