Veridis Mov

When the Azrai first stumbled upon the hidden town of Crux, they greeted the inhabitants with suspicion. Their paranoia was not misplaced since most of the inhabitants of Crux were enemies in disguise. The Azrai didn't meet the real Veridis Mov until they were captured and locked away inside the Keep of Yggrdrassil with many of the original inhabitants of the town.



Veridis always seems distracted. He has the glazed over look in his eye of someone who has seen too much and dwells deeply within the long-forgotten past. Entire flocks of ravens follow him everywhere that he goes, moving where he moves, looking where he looks, and resting where he rests. This does nothing to ease the intensity that Veridis brings to any encounter. Not that he is difficult to get along with (that role seems to fall squarely on the shoulders of Jachen Non), it's just that most people leave encounters with him feeling slightly unnerved. On the rare occasions when he does exit his shell, he is remarkable friendly and helpful to anyone in need.

After the Azrai liberated Crux from the control of their "enemies", Crux has become a resistance base of sorts and the role of de facto leader of the tree city has returned to Veridis. Though he is supported by the Council of Elders within the city, in reality the governance of Crux lies solely in his hands. Regardless of his actual status as head of Crux, he rarely seems to be involved in the daily management or politics of the city.

Characterization Distant, Distracted, Quiet, Thoughtful, Sad
Common Hangouts Crux--The Citadel

Rumored to be a priest of the old Arendurian order.
He is responsible for many of the magical protections and as such he reputedly wields a great deal of power.
He can assert his authority anywhere in Crux if he desires.
People claim his crows whisper secrets to him.

Allies/Contacts The Elder Council, The Azrai, Druids of the Beastlands
Enemies The Vile Hunt, The Tree Blight
Current Events

A little less than 1 year ago, the security of Crux was breached and Veridis was kidnapped by the Butcher and Vile Hunt operatives. Like Fel, Veridis was taken and subjected to torture before he was rescued by the Azrai. Luckily, it seems the enemy did not successfully gain the information they sought. Since then, Veridis has retreated inward even further.

Several branches and even parts of the trunk of Yggrdrassil have shown evidence of Tree Blight, an affliction that threatens the very existence of the Tree of Life. To this end, Veridis has worked very diligently to isolate the diseased areas before it spreads to Crux.