Although the Azrai cannot say that they have interacted with Ambar a great deal, the dealings they have had were mostly positive. During the investigation of Vienna's murder at the hands of Sougad Lawshredder, who was killed on Foundry grounds, Factol Ambar cooperated to the fullest extent allowing the LIT complete access to the crime scene and any Godsmen who could provide information about the crime. Later he even provided the key piece of information linking the mysterious plaque you received from train 88 to a particular section of railway underneath the 12 Factols bar.

When seen from afar, many mistake Ambar as your stereotypical wealthy and self-absorbed faction Factol. For those who know him well, nothing could be further from the truth. Many a factory line-worker has been surprised when their Factol has stopped, commented on their craftsmanship, and even called them by name. Though Ambar fluctuates in his dress and speech from impressive to ordinary, those who truly know him claim that he is able to relate regardless of his own daily trials.

Unfortunately, those that know Ambar well say that he has taken a turn for the worse since the mysterious death/disappearance of his longtime fiancee Cassandra. He has been in mourning ever since. Recently the Azrai saved Ambar's life from likely assassination at the hands of Korimo Taikan (Onyx). This has placed him in the unlikely position of being in their debt.

Characterization Serene, Thoughtful, Long-winded, Philosophic
Common Hangouts The Foundry, The Harbinger House
Capabilities As a Factor of the manufacturer's faction he obviously wields a great deal of influence across Sigil. Furthermore, he was a member of the first Lawshredder Investigation Team and is the Warden of the Harbinger House.
Allies/Contacts Derioch Ysarl, The "Original" LIT, Atticus
Enemies The Harmonium
Current Events

Around the time of the 4th Lawshredder murder, Cassandra, his fiancee disappeared. Apparently he has pledged to wear black robes of mourning until he at least learns of her whereabouts.

After the Azrai saved him from assassination, Ambar pleaded for them to spare the life of Onyx. Against the better judgment of some, they acquiesced, and now Onyx is a patient at the Harbinger House.