Darius Forkmaker, a scholar and master detective, may be long past his prime. Although he has never been an active leader in the Azrai, he has been a constant supply of observation and questions. Darius is most well known for helping to discover the Oldest Barmy’s identity as Darkwood and cracking the Lawshredder case the first time around.

Darius views his life in four major chapters: 1. His life in Faerûn, 2. His life in Sigil (pre-silverweed treatments), 3. His time in The Asylum (silverweed treatments), and 4. His life after The Asylum (post-silverweed treatments). Darius can’t tell you much about parts 1-3 of his life, due to the memory-erasing effect of silverweed, except what he has read from his published novels and the few books of his that he’s found.

In Faerûn, his wanderlust found him in constant travel with a bit more trouble than that which follows a typical wandering halfling. When Darius finished reading his autobiography he said, “I’ve clearly taken some liberties with my origins, it appears I have the strength of a barbarian, the wit of a bard, and the careful planning of a team of mages. All this, while courting any demi-human women that crossed my path. Please, I don’t think a half-orc priestess would have had any interest in me.”

In Sigil, Darius’ skills at investigation and identification landed him on the Lawshredder Investigation Team during the serial-killer’s first set of murders. Darius has received cryptic information regarding this period of time. Darius “discovered the Illuminated, cracked the Lawshredder case, found the wheel, and was infected with silverweed.” Darius still doesn’t know what all of this means.

When the Azrai met Darius he only knew his name and that he was some kind of detective. As he has tried to find answers for his own questions, the changes of the times have brought up even more questions. Darius has even reopened his Lawshredder investigation with the Azrai- and is now one of the L.I.T.’s prized investigators. Darius is also an active Zactar member (and Fated liason due to his friendship with Factor Tallfellow) and member of the Sigilian Inquisitor's Guild.

Characterization Insightful, Detailed, Absent-minded, Reflective
Common Hangouts The Foundry, The Harbinger House
Capabilities Renowned Sigilian detective who cracked the first Lawshredder case (though he remembers none of it). Expert document-forger and sketch artist. Proficient in all thrown weapons, and all-around sneakiness.
Allies/Contacts He can't remember- except the Azrai and Zactar. Although he has been hanging out with Otto Tallfellow and Atticus a lot lately.
Enemies He can't remember, but he's sure there are a few.
Current Events Attempting to chronicle the events occurring and to keep notes so that he doesn't forget again. He also keeps a close watch on a mysterious self-writing biography about him.