The relationship between Derioch Ysarl and the Azrai has never been one of open communication. In the early EBP investigations, the Azrai counted Derioch among their enemies. Learning she was a member of the Illuminated and primary researcher behind the secretive silverweed project only increased their enmity. Following a harrowing encounter at the Bloodpit that left her alive but very badly scarred, today Derioch and the Azrai tolerate one another at best.

Thick, dark robes, cover the pale woman, threatening to obscure her completely in the shadowy library near the top of one of the Gatehouse's famous towers. If you come to visit her, be prepared to do most of the talking and be patient as she will often scarcely be disturbed from her reading for a mere visitor. On the rare occasions when she is forthcoming, her harsh stares and clipped responses can often be quite revealing.

After Greylord and Gaibriel joined the Illuminated, Derioch and the knowledge she possessed became a bit more accessable to the Azrai. Though it can hardly be said that their days of conflict are over, she has remained civil with the Azrai and has continued to provide information. She even went so far as to hand over the files of two inmates the Azrai did not manage to steal from her years ago (Oldest Barmy and Malazar).

Characterization Cold, Distant, Bitter, Somber, Stern
Common Hangouts Her study in the Gatehouse Aylum
Capabilities As part of the Illuminated, she may be aware of any number of things be they past, present, or future. As records-keeper within the Asylum she has a great deal of pull in the Bleak Cabal. Finally, A few of the Azrai have witnessed first hand some of her magical prowess.
Allies/Contacts The Illuminated, The Bleak Cabal, Greylord , Pheodora
Enemies ???
Current Events

Currently Derioch continues her tenure within the mysterious Illuminated. Though no longer directly sponsoring Greylord, she has still somewhat begrdugingly lended her aid when called upon, particularly with matters related to silverweed through a tenuous scientific relationship with Pheodora.