Now focus your attention to that brightly colored tent-like kip over there. Each on of them flaps is a hide of some sort and all them brightly colored symbols is how the berk makes his living. His name is Fel. He used to be a Dabus but now he's the best tattoo artist in town. But don't go darkening his doorstep without a good reason though, cuz his doodles come with a price. No, not just jink ya clueless. The dark is Fel's cursed and if you talk to him, you might be too. That crazy basher went and said pike it to the Lady. No, not that Lady over there you dimwit, THE Lady. No we can't go talk to him you addle-coved bubber. You wanna get mazed? Besides, he can't even speak. Pipe down and follow me berks...

Kylie the Tout
Giving a tour of the Market Ward to some clueless



Tripicus expounds briefly about the virtues of Fel:

Ah Fel. What an amazing story he is. The weak and fearful dare not speak his name because he's known far and wide as the Dabus that turned stag on the Lady. For once, the rumor mongers may be right. I have it on good authority that he does worship Aoskar, the forbidden portal god. But that's not even the half of it. Now you and I both know Fel doesn't talk too much, but he does write-and the things he has written will amaze you. He knows an astounding amount about Sigil. I would go so far as to call him the preeminent scholar on Sigil geography. After all, he was a Dabus!

And his art! Have you ever seen the like. Some of it seems so real people would swear it takes on a life of its own. Then there is the inside of his actual shop. Just stepping inside is an art history lesson all on its own. Old age multi-thread tapestries are the curtains separating his different rooms. Busts of ancient war heroes, paintings, both his and those of the great masters lay strew about, and trinkets as mysterious as their origin and function cover any surface he has available.

Fel's past is quite strange. You know the usual shrouded in mystery and what not. What I do know is that he is old, from a past age...Arendur, you know. I know he looks like a regular Dabus with the exception that he walks, not floats mind you. He's a might bit clumsy at it too. Guess that's what happens when you float for centuries and then have to walk around like the rest of us regular berks.

Where was I? Oh yes, he looks like a regular dabus but he "wasn't no regular fella" as the kids these days say. He was the high priest of such and such for an entire religion in Ranais, the destroyed prime world from last age. Course that might explain his fallout with the Lady since the only religion of that world was Aoskar. Pretty dangerous stuff really, but to be honest I don't think he is foolish enough to worship him now. He just sticks to his symbols and his writings. Despite the stigma attached to him, he is really a harmless old Dabus with a very complicated past.

Characterization Silent, Friendly, Helpful, Forlorn
Common Hangouts Tattoo Parlor
Capabilities One of the most talented tattoo artists in the multiverse. He has a strange past and an immense historical knowledge, all of which he has difficulty communicating for obvious reasons.
Allies/Contacts Greylord, Kaleb, Edward, Gaibe; The Zactar
Enemies Vile Hunt, Nearby business owners
Current Events

Not long ago Fel's shop was destroyed and he was kidnapped. The Vile hunt had taken him to their base in Faunel and were using the dream machine to extract information from him. He was rescued by the Azrai, but not before most of his essence had been depleted. Since then Fel has restored and re-opened his shop, but he is noticeably more withdrawn.