When many of the Azrai first saw Garmundi, he was causing quite a stir. Perched atop a broken column at the Shattered Temple, the seemingly crazed dwarf was doing the unthinkable - preaching about the fallen god Aoskar. Many gathered to listen, more to witness what would certainly be a wrathful appearance by the Lady. When that did not occur, Harmonium and Athar guardsman closed in to make an arrest. Sensing danger, Garmundi leapt from the column into a gaping chasm below. Unable to follow, a warrant for his arrest still exists today.

A twisted, sickly, pale dwarf, Garmundi looks the part of an insane preacher of a mad, dead god. His vestments were once of the finest quality, now they are soiled, unrecognizable tatters. He is perhaps the only man in Sigil who openly speaks Aoskar's name and bears his symbols.

Currently Garmundi likely resides in Dim, a hidden city within an ancient Dabus warren deep within the twisting Sigilian under-city. When some of the Azrai happened to find themselves there, Garmundi was worse then ever. Sick with what can now be indentified as silverweed sickness, and twisted with rage, he seemed consumed with Aoskar's eminent return and seemed to promise that even the Azrai would pay when that occurred.

Characterization Zealous, Crazed, Twisted, Devoted, Prophetic
Common Hangouts The Shattered Temple, The Undercity - Dim
Capabilities As a priest and self-proclaimed prophet of Aoskar their may be some knowledge to glean from his addled mind. Then again, he may be too far gone...
Allies/Contacts Ambar, Citizens of Dim
Enemies Harmonium, Athar
Current Events

The ramblings of a "self-proclaimed" priest of Aoskar also attracted the attention of such famed gate-seekers as Ramander the Wise and Lissandra. Aoskar was the patron of gateways and finding portals is big business.

There is currently a warrant out for Garmundi's arrest. As such, both the Athar and the Harmonium (an unlikely pair) still police the Shattered District searching for the "false preacher".