Although the Azrai have never met Grundelthum, they have encountered his inventions on multiple occasions. The most popular, his Automatic Scribe, is still utilized by those scholars today who can both find one and afford the cost. Although based upon earlier technologies, Grundelthum's reinvented mimir brought new possibilities to research science.

Thought to be one of the most brilliant minds of this age, little is known about Grundelthum's past. Though a supposed expert on energy fields and matter interactions, his research into the databanks of the mimir have widely been cited as leading to amazing discoveries throughout Sigil.

Perhaps what he is best known for, to the Azrai at least, is as the first victim of the now infamous serial murderer Sougad Lawshredder more than 600 years ago. To what purpose, if any, he was targeted is a mystery that has yet to be determined. Furthermore the links between his inventions and the slayings are bizarre, somewhat random, but still mathematically present.

Characterization Brilliant, Inquisitive, Forgetful, Cheerful
Common Hangouts His laboratory, His manor - In the Past
Capabilities Though deceased, Darius has hinted that he may have rediscovered lost technology and arts from Arendur on behalf of the Illuminated
Allies/Contacts Derioch Ysarl, Darius Forkmaker, Ambar, The Illuminated
Enemies ???
Current Events

Currently Grundelthum is deceased. However his inventions, including his original prototype auto-scribe reside as personal "treasures" of Noshteroth. Furthermore, a version recreated by Carrion is in the possession of Pheodora. The more portable auto-scribes that remain, the "pen-versions", are highly sought after by the rich and other academics for their transcription abilities.