Much of Lhar's past has been pieced together from hearsay, old documents, direct contact, and good old fashioned speculation. Regardless, for some of you, your first contact with the Bleaker's Factol went very poorly. He and Watch Captain Morgan trapped several of the Azrai atop the famed Gatehouse bridges, hundreds of feet above the rooftops of Sigil. Needless to say your relationship soured from there. After proving himself a worthy adversary for a time (and clearing up several past misunderstandings), your relationship with him has improved. Your paths have crossed several times recently, and your mutual respect for one another may have caused you to count on him as a potential ally.

Lhar is not pleased

While stalking the long halls of the Asylum, Factol Lhar makes for an imposing, if somewhat dark figure. Bronze but discoloured metal armor and a tattered black cloak, add to the scowling, hunched, dark-eyed stare that perfectly personifies the faction that would make a paladin seem scandalously exciting by comparison. His scimitar, nicknamed "Quick" and his skull-hilted bastard sword "Death" boast ominously of his often overlooked but near legendary skill as a swordsman.

As a co-member of the Illuminated, a fact which is not common knowledge, he has been assigned as a mentor to one of that faction's newest recruits---your own Gaibriel Savosk. Most recently, Lhar has disappeared from Sigil with little indication of his whereabouts. Despite making some very brief appearances of late, many have assumed he has succumbed to the madness that eventually takes all Bleak Cabal Factols (See The Grim Retreat).

Characterization Grave, Sullen, and Distant to most; Intense, Reflective, and Polite to those who know him
Common Hangouts The Gatehouse Asylum
Capabilities He is reputedly a former Commander of the Flagship of the Empire's fleet of Airships during the last cycle. Considering he played a key role in the history of last cycle, his knowledge of those events is probably immeasurable. It is also worth mentioning that he is a former Slayer and still an incredible swordsmen.
Allies/Contacts Derioch Ysarl, Gaibriel, Bleakers, Illuminated, Greylord
Enemies None overt----though many different people are aggresively searching for him
Current Events

Though Lhar clearly wishes to not be found, he has made a few recent surprise appearances. And though he disappeared again as quickly as he arrived, he vouched for Gaibriel when he was accused of murdering Factol Garin and made a dramatic last minute airship rescue at the Freeport Lighthouse.

Lhar's disappearance coincided very closely with your discovery that the Sorrow Stone was at the Gatehouse before the famous Asylum Break. It also coincided with the disappearance of other Factol's, the emergence of Freeport on the Beastlands, and the subsequent assassination attempt by the Viper in the past while Lhar was trying to escape with Sorrow.