Several things strike me as important facts about the nights preceding the breakout.  The first occurred as soon as Sougad, the last of the six to be committed, appeared at the Asylum.  Curiously, most of the patients did not realize for many months, who their newest inmate was.  In fact, the Bleak Cabal tried to keep it a secret that he was even at the Asylum, allowing most of the populace (and most Bleakers) to believe that Sougad had been taken to the Prison.  Truth be told, most people would not even recognize Sougad if they saw him.  But, I am fairly certain that Eliath, the doddering old man, knew who he was.  From the moment Sougad was brought into the Asylum, Eliath grew extremely paranoid and violent, something completely out of character for him.  He made a desperate uncalculated escape attempt, which failed and landed him in the "dangerous and criminally insane" wing of the building.  Ironically, he was placed directly across from Sougad's cell. This only increased his already intense hysteria.  "He [Eliath] screamed, pleaded, or cried constantly...we were forced to move him away," was all that "His Bleakness" Factol Lhar could muster for comment.  He was moved, interestingly enough, next to Trolan and the Oldest Barmy, where he calmed down considerably.  A few weeks later, the escape occurred.



The Oldest Barmy is of course known as the longest committed resident of the Gatehouse Asylum.  Like many Bleaker favorites, the Oldest Barmy was able to collect many personal effects that he stored within his chamber allowing him to live in "relative" style.  Among some of his personal effects were crumpled sketches of strange machines that Eliath had drawn and later discarded, arcane seeming, unrecognizable symbols, very accurate, ancient blueprints of the Gatehouse, and a large wooden chest filled with worthless, but treasured knickknacks.  The amazing fact was that the large, oak chest concealed a well designed system of tunnels, that estimating from the tools he had available, would have taken hundreds of years to complete.  Interestingly enough, the tunnels stretched not just to the catacombs under the Asylum (and thus provide and escape route), but all over the complex.  Even stranger is the fact that the expert I had brought in to examine the tunnel assured me several times over that the escape route tunnel was "at the very least completed 10 years ago."



The ONLY thing that all of the Bleaker patients and staff completely agreed upon was that none of the escapees seemed to have any kind of relationship with each other, whatsoever.  That fact, of course, complicates matters considerably.  There were two people, however, that did have "strange" relations with inmates (and thus are primary suspects of a conspiracy).  

The first was Derioch Ysarl.  Factol Ambar of the Godsmen went so far as to claim that Derioch was "rather fond" of many of the more dangerous inmates and was "appalled" at their treatment.  Ambar hinted that Derioch was involved in a secret "psycho-somatic" drug treatment program with many of the escaped inmates and that she most definitely "developed close ties" and "maternal feelings" for these barmies.

The second is a bit of a stretch, but considering the "seemingly" random events he was caught up in, it may be important.  Ol' Donner, as he was commonly known around the Asylum, was a barmy janitor who was kept in the Bleaker employ, mainly as another act of senseless charity.  His body was failing him and his mind was on a downward spiral as well.  Because Ol' Donner was a long term resident of the Gatehouse Asylum and the fact that barmies all seem to be able to recognize one another, Donner became friends with both Eliath and the Oldest Barmy.  Donner would frequently be seen playing chess with Eliath or exchanging memories of the good ole days with the Oldest Barmy.  Two very strange and significant facts about Donner: 1) Back in the "good old days," Donner was a registered Gatehouse technician--meaning he could operate the very complex machinery that controls the "gates" to every cell. 2) Donner is dead.  He threw himself, so it seems, out of the third story window of the Asylum's Dangerous and Criminally Insane wing the very night and approximate time that the six inmates escaped. He is considered, commonly, as Sougad's first victim of his most recent murder spree.