Coincidentally or not, the escapees picked an excellent night to pull of their plan.  It was one of the largest storms of that year, complete with lightning, howling winds, torrential rains, and thunder.  The catacombs flooded that evening making it difficult to determine exactly where everyone fled too.


At around two hours after anti-peak the break occurred.  All of the cell gates in that wing are rigged according to an elaborate system that allows Bleakers at certain locations to open a single cell or many cells provided they are versed in how it is operated.  The actual mechanics of it are quite complicated, but I have been assured that there is no other simple way to bypass a certain cells locking gate.  This complicated mechanism is yet another reason why the Bleaker Asylum is called the Gatehouse.

On the night in question all six of the escapee's gates all seemed to have been opened at the same time, and by "normal" means (i.e. remote access from one of the control centers).  This is of course the accepted theory--the six somehow gained inside influence and their gates were opened.  This theory of course has many merits which I may discuss later.

There are, however, some minor, almost imperceptible discrepancies in the ways the gates seemed to have been opened.  The gates of Eliath, The Oldest Barmy, and Trolan all seemed to have been opened in a completely "natural" manner--no noticeable tampering whatsoever.  The others have strange inconsistencies.  Around the still opened gates of Malazar and the Hound I found reddish dust that proved to be rusted metal.  Upon closer examination of the individual locking mechanisms of those cells, it was noted that the entire inner-workings of both locks had completely rusted to the point of uselessness.  Though Sougad's gate also remained open seemingly triggered like the others, the control center did not register that it was ever opened and the lock was never disengaged.



It seems that all six escapees used the tunnel dug by The Oldest Barmy.  I have come to this conclusion because all exits and entrances from the Asylum are very closely monitored and though they have more than proved their incompetence with this escape, I don't believe they could have all slipped by unnoticed.  Not too mention I found at least six different sets of tracks in the catacombs below.  However, one of the strangest facts that I uncovered is that at least one person did not go directly underground and escape.  This person or these people went to at least one location in the Asylum other than the catacombs (probably using the tunnel network that The Oldest Barmy dug).  This person (or these people) went unnoticed in the Great Hall of the Asylum (right inside the main entrance) one of the highest guarded areas in the Asylum.  Several security mechanisms leading to the Great Hall were bypassed and disabled quite efficiently and quietly.  When this was done, the culprit(s) backtracked back into the tunnels.



At around the same time, eye-witness reports say that Ol' Donner, a semi-retired janitor mentioned earlier, went down the hall as a favor to the gate technicians, to investigate "a strange noise."  He was later seen running and screaming, heedless of his own safety, away from Sougad Lawshredder's cell.  He crashed through the stained glass window, fell three stories, and impaled himself on a wrought iron fence below that surrounds a burial ground for honored members of the Bleak Cabal.  Ironically, one of his primary responsibilities was to maintain those grounds. 

The inmates in that wing seem to claim he was pursued, slowly, by "dark shadows and evil intentions."  Not that this investigator gives any credence to those claims.  All accounts are very clear, however--Donner jumped and was not thrown.  Regardless, most Bleakers truly think it was Sougad who forced his hand.   "It is a bloomin' shame really," comments the head of the janitorial staff, "but he was truly losing what little sanity he had left, talking to himself, all jumpy and what not, looking over his shoulder always waiting for an ambush."



Most Bleaker guards claim they were extremely jumpy that evening, mainly because of the storm and the flooding that it caused within the Gatehouse.  Many also claim to have heard strange noises.  Captain Morgan reported that several of his more "incompetent" soldiers say they heard "pounding and bashing" noises within the Great Hall.  One "soldier" even reported seeing ghostly figures move about the shadows of the Hall, but when he investigated he saw nothing.