Below are the six fugitives and a brief description of each.  They come from very diverse backgrounds and their psychological problems are as different as their personalities. 

Eliath of the Doomguard

According to statements and some minor records, Eliath is a Gatehouse regular, being frequently committed and "rehabilitated."  This barmy thinks he's any number of berks, the most recent being Eliath of the Doomguard--supposedly a quiet cutter who kept to himself.  He reputedly got along well with all the staff and was a Gatehouse favorite among many of the Bleakers.  One Bleaker claimed Eliath possessed an "extraordinary intelligence" and an "unequaled mechanical aptitude."  The daily logs suggest that Eliath received several private visits from many noted Sigilians, including Factol Ambar of the Godsmen.  Mely, the semi-retired stewardess of the Asylum commented, "He [Eliath] is the strangest of men.  He was lively and quick-witted one moment only to become distant, and glazy-eyed the next...I am convinced that he possesses the mind of a great man...he knew more of this building then even I do."  I still have yet to determine how much of his absent-minded exterior is an act.

The Oldest Barmy

Many have heard of the barmy basher that "materialized" almost 600 years ago wandering through some of the private, inaccessible halls deep within the Asylum.  This berk has serious delusions of grandeur, proclaiming himself the "emperor of the multiverse."  There are no longer any written documents recording his many "prophecies."  According to Derioch Ysarl, the Bleaker's Keeper of Records only commented that "they seem to have been misplaced."  In classic sodding Bleaker fashion, Derioch seemed not to care.  "Tis no surprise that he tried to escape" says one old Bleaker bastard, "back when he first showed up he used to try to escape every day...first time he ever tried he took down four of us in a blink."

Trolan the Mad

Trolan was extremely well-liked by everyone at the Asylum and was known as a very talented artist, poet, writer, and philosopher.  The only thing that made him "dangerous" was his almost supernatural ability to attract or deflect attention at a whim.  "Had we not contained him in the high security dangerous and criminally insane wing, he could have just waltzed out of here and started another one of them cult things again," or so says Tessali, a warden of that area.  Still, how this manic son of a bitch fell in with the rest of these barmies is anyone's guess.  Seems his only sin is worshipping the Lady--of course that certifies him as a lunatic with a death wish.  "Yes, he welcomed death," claimed Derioch, "he'd never harm anyone though--you'd best concentrate your efforts on the others."  That's perhaps the smartest thing the Bleakers ever said.

Malazar the Desecrated 

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to dig up anything on her.  In fact, it was only after some prying that I even learned that she had escaped.  I don't think even the bloody Bleakers are barmy enough to hide something from the Deathwatch; it just seems they plain overlooked her.  The folktale I dug up was this--She was admitted as an act of charity.  Some sick freak had flayed and mutilated her.  The worst thing was they cut out her tongue as well, and despite the Bleakers best efforts, they were never able to learn who had committed such a heinous crime.

The Hound

Many Bleaker officials suspect that the Hound continued his form of "justice" while he was in the Asylum which would account for the many disappearances and mysterious deaths during his stay.  No other comments are necessary.

Sougad Lawshredder

Why this psychotic wasn't given to us to deal with, I'll never know.  According to all reports, Sougad was the perfect Asylum resident.  Surprisingly, there was not a single incident in which he was unruly, uncooperative, or violent.  Again, despite their best efforts, the Bleakers were never able to get him to speak.  He would only smirk and laugh softly to himself.  But mostly he would just stare, wordlessly challenging anyone in his presence.  Word has it that Derioch met with him several times privately, most likely to get him to speak.  When questioned she only commented, "Lawshredder is seriously disturbed...truly troubled."  Thank you doctor Derioch.  Still I wonder about her motives.  After all, it is whispered that Sougad slew her lover, Grundelthum.