Something was afoot in the Hive—there’d been a lot of dying and there’s no dark to it but somebody was responsible. Barmies were being put in the dead-book and the chant was that some of them were coming back. Somebody needed to look into things and do it fast! Course, that's about the time that group of bloods called the Azrai showed up in the Cage.

Ironfist Speaks

The Azrai, like half the rest of the city, were looking for a barmy named Eliath. Seems this addled old man had resurfaced after years of hiding out and a great many high-ups in the factions were looking for him. After searching the Hive and Lower Ward for several days, they had a run in with a Bleaker named Derioch Ysarl, who initially accused the Azrai as the berks responsible for the disappearances. Eventually Derioch agreed to help them look for Eliath, because after all, if this barmy was as addled as they said, then he would eventually cross her path at the Asylum.

But unfortunately Eliath’s trail had gone dead, literally. A collector let em know they had found Eliath dead in the Hive a few days before and had taken him to the Mortuary. By this point, the Azrai were beginning to suspect a widespread conspiracy. Just a few days before, the Azrai had witnessed a local addled bubber nicknamed the Dancing Man pass away without a mark on him. A few days later, he had returned to life, completely unharmed, and a new, clean-cut member of some wussy faction. And he wasn't the only one! To top it off, they got a hold of some evidence that incriminated Derioch. Seems not only did she know Eliath, she had treated him in the Asylum recently.

All roads eventually led to the Mortuary, however, since that's where every deader went, and where every deader came back from. I think the Azrai cutters invented some lie about looking for their dead uncle, which at least got them in the door. Once inside, they were eventually told to talk to Toranna, the Dustmen in charge of assigning what portal to send a body through. The details of the next events are somewhat hazy, but I know they suspected Toranna of being up to something. And rightly so cuz she was one of them Illuminated bastards. They snooped around, found some incriminating evidence, and eventually figured that Toranna was sending certain targeted barmies through a portal to the plane of fire, where she claimed they were cremated.

Course, the barmies, who were never really dead in the first place (they was just fakin it), was actually sent to some rock fortress on the fiery plane and reconditioned to believe whatever the Illuminated wanted them to believe. Then they was sent back to society with as unknown pawns of the Illuminated and a promise from their deity that they would be contacted at a later date. So the Azrai did what they do best: they trashed the place. They also shut down the operation (called the Eternal Boundary Plan because they crossed over some boundary and came back or some such nonsense), killed Toranna, gained an enemy in the Illuminated, and earned themselves a grudge from the Dustmen.

After the destruction, the Azrai continued their search for Eliath, since they had learned he had been "brought back" as a Doomguard. After going to the Black Sail, a common Sinker hangout, they found Eliath and began questioning him. Unfortunately, Eliath seemed very scared and confused and couldn't get his barmy mind to recall the things the Azrai needed. Complicating things was the fact that the Illuminated had tracked both Eliath and the Azrai down, and they did not hesitate to attack. Derioch and the Shadowknave nearly destroyed the place and the Azrai in the process. When the smoke cleared, Eliath was dead, stabbed through the heart and the Azrai quest for answers seemed suddenly impossible.

But that was before the Azrai really got to know me, and before they started working for the Zactar. They got their answers now. I'm just not so sure they're happy with what they've learned. Hey, them's the breaks berk. And believe me, I'll drink to that.

Ironfist Talks Over a Mug of Ale

Looking for Eliath

You were searching for Eliath because of a tip from Elminster's scribe that Eliath knew how to solve the problems occurring in Faerun (i.e. the appearance of demons, the disappearance of Shadowdale, etc.). Only later did you realize that Elminster's scribe was none other than the Knave, who was luring you to Sigil on behalf of the Illuminated.
The rest of the factions were looking for him because there were rumors that he knew the location of a wondrous artifact hidden within Sigil.


The first crazy that came back to life was the Dancing Man, who you had seen wandering the streets, completely insane, twitching, and spouting off the names of Abyssal Lords (which is never a good idea). After he died, you saw him a few days later, where he claimed his name was Tylaric Stormwing, new member of the Harmonium. After some pressure, he admitted that he had indeed died, but that his god during his youth, Cuthbert, had given him a second chance, resurrecting him and demanding his allegiance to the Harmonium. Furthermore, you had learned of a secret organization named the Illuminated that may have been responsible for some of the disappearances. Derioch Ysarl, an Illuminated member, had lied to you, since, she had known and treated Eliath, a former inmate at the Asylum.

Incriminating Evidence

Within some of Toranna's things, you not only found a letter from the Green Marvent congratulating her on her success, you also found a small ledger that is still in your possession today. The ledger has the names of 30 or 40 "victims" of the Eternal Boundary Plan, and in many cases it details where they were assigned to as well. To see this ledger of names, go here.

Eliath's Death

Though Eliath received a seemingly fatal stab wound, he was not, in fact dead. Something neither you, nor many of those factions searching him realized. Unfortunately the Illuminated did know he was still alive (and probably purposely faked his death) and they kept him in custody for quite a long time before you rescued him from the spire months later.

The Quest for Answers

With Eliath's death, your goals of understanding what was going on in Faerun seemed lost. However, you soon realized that not only might the Illuminated understand what was happening, they may even be partially responsible for some of it. This realization was a turning point in your adventures, as you began actively searching for and thwarting the Illuminated in an effort to gain information. This put you in direct conflict with the likes of Lhar, Derioch Ysarl, Ygrax, Bel, the Shadowknave, and of course, the Green Marvent. Soon you realized that what was happening in Faerun was not an isolated incident and that events throughout the multiverse were quickly spiraling out of control.