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The Archives of Arendur is a complex, underground library of knowledge deep beneath the Gatehouse Asylum. Created long ago by the Illuminated, it has many chambers powered by a potent and exotic energy source. The Archives have changed hands a number of times and are currently being controlled by an agreement between Tolumvire the Azrai. For a first hand account of the Azrai's discovery of the Archives see Episode: Archives of Arendur and Episode: Archives of Arendur Part Two).

Archives of Arendur
Archives map.jpg
Location: Under the Gatehouse Asylum
Ownership: Cabal/Azrai
Purpose: Archives



Established by the Keeper of Secrets before the Fall of Arendur and Ranais in case of the failure of the Ritual of Reconciliation, the archives were intended as a depository of knowledge from the Golden Age. General Lhar Shadowskin, Slayer of the First Order, rediscovered the archives buried beneath the Gatehouse centuries into the Age of Reckoning. From that point forward the Archives were used as the launching point for the renewed efforts of the Cabal, now known as the Illuminated. For the last centuries in particular, the Illuminated has established themselves using the technology and knowledge found within the archives for what they hope will be another attempted ritual.

Cabal member Dr. Vitreous Vrinn was likely the first to integrate Sigil's Ethereal Energy technology into the archives providing power for the entire complex through the Astro-Ethereal Generator inside. This allowed for the ethereal storage of several books in the separate HUB-like ethereal space. Furthermore, the entire complex was upgraded requiring the appropriate mimir to access each portion of the archives.

The power of the Astro-Ethereal generator also provided for separate ethereal chambers for each of the Masters of the Cabal which could be "imagined" to their individual specifications. Thus the Chamber of Antiquities, the Clockwork Fortress, the Pit of Judgment, and the Ruins of the Unknown were created.

In 632 HR, the Archives were "locked down" by Lhar preventing access by Bel and Ygrax to their ethereal chambers. In 635 HR the Azrai reopened the archives and all of its chambers, effectively purging them of the influence of all agents of Bel and Ygrax. Currently Tolumvire and the Azrai occupy the archives and plan to use the complex to further their diverse goals.


The entirety of the archives lies behind a complex mechanical doorway requiring an appropriate mimir to access. Integrated with some of the most advanced technologies, the entire complex still has an ancient, undisturbed, or museum-like quality to it. On several of the large flagstones throughout the chamber are golden inlaid symbols of a key surrounded by Aoskar's Folly - thought to be the symbol of the Keeper of Secrets. When the appropriate mimir approaches these symbols, prerecorded messages play alerting the visitor to an object or displays purpose.

The Control Panel

A stainless steel curved metal panel stands nearly ten feet high and 30 feet across. A slanted 2 by 5 foot steel pillar stands 3 feet out of the ground just in front of the bizarre curved panel. The pillar has a smooth mechanical indentation near the bottom of the slant, and a convex mirror near the top of the slant. With the appropriate mimir, one can use the control panel to accomplish several things both within the archives and within each chamber:

  • Info
This control panel category provides information about any number of topics within the archives database. It can further provide maps and limited HUB access within the archives.
  • Security
This control panel category allows access to the varied security protocols throughout the complex.
  • Equipment
This control panel category allows access to the diverse equipment and technology throughout the complex.

The Recording

This control point can be used to access the various functions of the Archives similar to the HUB access control but with mimir interface and more functional limitations. Rather than an open-ended system, the Archives allows only for the control and access of the functions contained within these walls. Interaction with the interface-mimir allows for easy navigation of this particular access control.

The Library

Cleverly depressed into the ancient stone walls are several rows and stacks of oddly dull metal bookshelves stuffed with ancient books. A wheeled ladder is attached for convenient browsing. Just around the corner of this alcove appears to be a flattened kiosk built into the wall that allows for access to ethereal book storage.

The Recording

The collected works of the Illuminated are stored here either in hard copy or ethereally in either library kiosk. Some of the works are originals and are not duplicated elsewhere. Furthermore, several of the works have portions that have been converted into ethereal schemas that can run on any of our sensory projectors on the premises.

The Dais

A large star shaped dais stands ten feet off the ground. A gargantuan statue of a seven-headed hydra crouches on the dais, its pose one of watchful wrath. Flickering lights from the surrounding torches gloomily illuminated the statue, which seems to be made of iron. The dais rotates along cleverly concealed grooves allowing for combination access to the various ethereal chambers. Underneath the Dais is the Library of the Keeper.

The Recording

The Colossus was recovered from the ruins of Arendur and serves as the guardian of the Archives. Created by the foremost Thaumaturgists and Engineers of the previous age, its potential for destruction is legendary. Designed to be impenetrable, the Colossus only activates when ordered to do so by the Illuminated Council or when the security of the premises is breached.

The Astro-Ethereal Generator

Five ten-foot high rune covered metal pillars are arrayed before a small stone monolith. The monolith is connected by a five-foot-wide arm of stone to a large pyramid of stone directly behind it upon which is carved the classical Illuminated glowing eye symbol. A single metal door is set into the base of the monolith, although the door has no handle or obvious hinges. It is this device that provides energy to the entire complex including the ability to "imagine" new ethereal chambers.

The Recording

The entire compound is powered by an ancient device that predates this cycle. Coined the Astro-Ethereal Generator by Dr. Vitreous Vrinn, the device gives life and energy to the various chambers throughout the complex. Sealed within a specially designed protective chamber, the generator should be approached with extreme caution. Its energies can be wildly unpredictable.

Chamber of Antiquities

A huge sealed doorway with Aoskar’s folly surrounding the Cabal symbol.


Original founder of the modern day cabal, Lhar Shadowskin has maintained the Chamber of Antiquities as both a museum and tribute to the previous age. Kept as a reminder of past mistakes and future possibilities, the Chamber of Antiquities has served the Illuminated as its greatest hope for the great reconciliation.

Clockwork Fortress

A brown metal circular doorway opens rolling along a groove like a gear.


Illuminated Member Dr. Vitreous Vrinn imagined the Clockwork Fortress over 600 years ago. Serving as a laboratory for countless hours of his private research, the Fortress was the birthplace and re-imagining of many wonders originally discovered within the Archives. After Dr. Vrinn was relieved of his post, another famed researcher, Dr. Grundelthum Sunder inherited the Fortress continuing the fine work within these walls. As a result of Grundelthum’s tragic death, Derioch Ysarl currently oversees these projects.

Pit of Judgment

A simple, but large and intimidating metal doorway that has no obvious break and appears sealed on all sides. It radiates heat and is hot to the touch.


The Pit of Judgment was only recently imagined by Archives standards. After Bel, member of the Dark Eight and ruler of Avernus, was inducted into the First Order of the Illuminated, he received dominion over this portion of the Archives. The Pit of Judgment weighs the value of a soul and deems them worthy for advancement.

Ruins of the Unknown

A stylishly lacquered and enameled door with Ygrax’s personal symbol upon it.


Though they have undergone several re-imaginings, Dr. Vitreous Vrinn first discovered the Ruins of the Unknown during the ethereal advancement of the Archives. Its current First Order master, Abyssal Lord Ygrax, oversees these ruins and plumbs the unknown past of the Archives and Arendur.

Library of the Keeper

A door hidden beneath the Colossus in the center of a diagram representing the Ritual of Reconciliation. It is likely that this was Tolumvire's personal chamber.

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