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Race: Human?
Class: Artificer
Affiliation: Godsmen
Profession: Engineer
Player: Collin

Atticus can at times appear almost childlike in his demeanor. Naïve, innocent, and confused are words that may come to the minds of people when they first meet him. Always tinkering with a device, or cleaning, categorizing and sorting his workmen’s tools by function, size, shape, and color, or writing in one of his note books seems to be how he entertains himself.

Although he is most known for his ability to craft and use many wondrous mechanical devices, there is complexity to him that often goes unseen. Once people get to know him, or if they see him under stressful circumstances, they may see a very different side of Atticus. Erratic, violent, reactionary, with a deep vengeful streak, Atticus definitely has a dark side to him. This is most noticeable around the subject of Lawshredder and those associated with him.

At the request of Factol Ambar, he has recently joined the Believers of the Source.

Atticus is often accompanied by his companion Rogue, a Modron.

The Azrai have strong reason to believe that Atticus is some aspect or reincarnation of Aoskar


History with the Azrai



These individuals share or shared goals and motivations with Atticus and actively supported one another.


These individuals share or shared a business relationship with Atticus.


Atticus' relationship with these groups or individuals is ambiguous at best.


These individuals actively oppose or opposed Atticus.

  • Lawshredder - Atticus's soul purpose in life, as he sees it, is to kill Lawshredder.
  • Valiant (deceased) - Atticus hated Valiant because he was tempted towards the dark side of the God at The End of All Things.
  • The Eschaton
  • The Vile Hunt

Notable Traits

  • He can build the craziest gadgets. Such as a Lawshredder Location Device.
  • Atticus is known to work on inventions for long periods of time. Alternately, he can produce complex gadgets and infusions almost instantaneously when the need arises.
  • Atticus once submitted himself to having sex with a Succubus and recording the event on a sensory stone for money....And science.
  • Atticus received a Deishorak from Moradin specifically designed to combat Lawshredder. It appears as a glyph-covered rifle with a bayonet on the end. However, at a moments notice, it can become a sword. In either incarnation "Lawshredder-spawn" feel the bite of this weapon.

Notable Moments

  • Around the same time Otto Shaved his junk at Josephine's, someone ordered a fetishized midget from the brotherl for Waitskipper, who then ordered an Elk for Gaibe. Gaibe did not want his elk, so Atticus hunted it through the streets of Sigil.
  • In the Astral Plane, in Episode: Shattered Memories, Atticus died and was reborn. When he again encountered the Azrai, he said "I was once called Aoskar". So, the Azrai now believe that he is a reincarnation or aspect of Aoskar.

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