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Azrai means 'of the Serpent' translated literally from Old Tongue. However, the actual meaning is far more complex. Azrai likely means "the chosen", "chosen of time" or "chosen of the Serpent." Depending on who you ask, Azrai are the guardians of the wheel or slaves to it. They are either the embodiments of free-will or the only creatures wretched enough to lack it.

No matter the uncertainty as to their function, they all share one thing: purpose.



According to Silvanus Andrellus, several archetypes, or reoccurring themes have emerged throughout the cycles allowing the "types" of Azrai to be characterized. The following are Azrai archetypes as written by Silvanus Andrellus in Concerning the Azrai.

  • Hero of Prophecy - This individual's coming has been foretold by his people. His appearance is both a boon (for he will lead his people to salvation) and a curse (for it signals the end of times).
  • Scholar - If it can be known, he strives to know it. He serves as an endless font of knowledge and guidance to those around him.
  • Blooded Magician - This individual is blessed with ancient power and he likely wields it indiscriminately. His links with the past are often important.
  • Tortured Warrior - Constrained by his own stringent code, this individual wanders ashamed at who he is and what he has become. He is a dangerous combination of reckless self-loathing and fierce, driving determination.
  • Seeker - So obsessed with reaching a nearly impossible plateau, this individual can become blinded by his own ideals. Sometimes they do not even understand that which they seek.
  • Curmudgeon - This individual is steadfast in their beliefs and oftentimes sees things exactly as they are. Overlooked by the enemy, they achieve great things on their own. Their greatest strength is likely their greatest weakness.
  • Trickster - Life is a joke, even if those around them do not see the humor. The ability to see levity in the direst circumstances is a double-edged sword.
  • Creator - Blessed with the ability to seamlessly merge form and function, this individual can manufacture a solution to any problem given time. His ability to focus often leads to self-absorption.
  • Prophet - Unknown
  • Innocent - Unknown
  • Destroyer - Unknown
  • Healer - Unknown and claims cycles cannot continue without
  • Betrayer - Unknown
  • Watcher - Unknown


The Azrai of the current cycle.

List of Known Azrai'alathan

List of Suspected Azrai'alathan

Azrai Names

Azrai also posses unique Azrai Names.

List of Known Azrai Names

The Fallen

It is believed that some of the Azrai from the last Cycle, have survived into this Cycle. According to Silvanus Andrellus, this is an anomaly which has never occurred before.

List of Fallen

Azrai Theories

There are two conflicting theories regarding the Azrai. The first theory postulates that the Azrai are the "chosen" of the gods, destined from birth to fight the battles that the immortals cannot. As such, they are the pawns of higher powers, imbued with great power and protection, but at the cost of freedom and choice.

The second group of Azrai theorists postulates that the Azrai are actually "of the Serpent". That is, they are spun out of the pattern of reality to fix snags in time and repair the great weave. In this paradigm, the Azrai are part of the great machinery. Though they maintain their free will, they are constructs outside of perceived reality, but still programmed with a greater purpose that cannot be understood.

Unfortunately neither theory can be completely corroborated or dismissed.

Nota Bene

Throughout this wiki, individuals who have not been confirmed as Azrai are nonetheless included in the group by implication due to the frequent equivocation between "Azrai" and "Player Characters".

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