Bali Hardback

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Bali Hardback
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue
Affiliation: None
Profession: Inmate
Player: NPC

This crippled dwarf was actually a very close friend of Kaleb. Although Bali Hardback had only been arrested for petty theft, he became a lifer in one of the City Prison's forgotten cells. During his extended stay, Bali's sanity and health both degenerated. By the time of his death, he was blind, emaciated, and partially disfigured. Evidence suggests he had become a self-proclaimed prophet to The Lady.

Bali was found just outside a sewer exit near the Mercykiller stables. Before being killed, he was spiked into an "X" position. Wrapped around his eyes was a purple, blood-soaked scarf with the Lady's image stitched into it. Unfortunately, the Lawshredder Investigation Team were unable to examine the body so they were unable to make further conclusions about the manner of Bali's death. Examination of Bali's cell revealed further evidence, including the etching of a verse from Deilores. The night of the 6th and 7th murders, the Azrai received a tip from an Asylum inmate and rushed toward the prison, seemingly interrupting Lawshredder during his handiwork. Despite the risks associated with chronomancy, the Azrai sent a message back in time, allowing Greylord the opportunity to speak to Bali shortly before his death.

-LIT murder files


Bali & Kaleb in Renais

  • Kaleb & Bali were old buddies from Ranais who escaped the destruction of that prime world by enlisting the aid of Fel. While stepping through a portal to Sigil & skipping untold years into the future in the process, Kaleb & Bali became separated.
  • Back in Ranais, Kaleb & Bali were both successful thieves. Relocating to Sigil did little to change that, and both were arrested, separately, for similar crimes - petty larceny & theft.
  • In a punishment far outstripping his crimes, Bali was mysteriously sentenced to life in prison. Remarkably, "life" seemed to extend far beyond its natural limits, and records indicate that Bali may have been been imprisoned for hundreds of years.

Bali in captivity

  • Those that have particularly pissed off their jailers are tossed into the deepest, darkest, dankest pits that can pass for cells and often simply forgotten about. They are never opened and are often considered the most secure rooms in the prison. Bali was thrown in one of these 'cells' and left to rot.
  • Scrawled about Bali's wall were prayers to The Lady. Adjacent inmates often reported the sounds of a crazed lunatic, preaching worship of her, and predicting the coming of a great darkness.
  • Prayers, images of the lady, and the ravings of a sad, lonely lunatic covered the walls of Bali's cell. A particularly large image of the lady even had her eyes scratched out. When examined closely, Otto and Atticus discovered that the walls of the cell were part of the Despair Godstone, which Bali had been confined within for hundreds of years.
  • Scratched into the wall was only part of a verse of Deilores. "In Solitude thy voice shall go through him, in his dreams he shall feel thee and ache. Thou shalt kindle by night and subdue him, asleep and awake".
  • When his body was discovered, Bali's suffering while in captivity was apparent: Not only had he removed his own eyes, he had rubbed his nail-less fingers down to nubs. His mouth was black and toothless, and his skin was pale, raw, cracked, and covered with sores.

Death at the Hands of Lawshredder

  • It appeared to many investigators that Bali was murdered just as he exited the sewers while escaping the prison. Quite mysteriously, examination of both his cell and the sewer tunnel revealed no tunnel or any similar means of exit from the Prison.
  • The dirty, purple, blood-soaked scarf found wrapped around his eyes appeared similar to those seen against the harsh backdrop of white-sanded Raak-Po.

Evidence & Conclusions

  • The bodies of the sixth & seventh murder victims - Bali Hardback & Tavrat Choc - never reached The Mortuary. As far as anyone knows, Factol Valiant was the only person to examine these bodies.
  • According to notes in the Harmonium Vault, Valiant obtained no information using a Speak With Dead on Bali's corpse.
  • On the night of the 6th & 7th murders, an old woman in a cell in the City Prison claimed she had dreamt of the Azrai fighting Lawshredder the previous night near the prison, and that he would strike again before six bells. When the Azrai later returned to question her, the cell was empty and the staff knew nothing of any inmates matching her description.
  • Once Edward cast his trademark Paradox ritual, Greylord was given a retroactive message from the future. He slowed his chase of Lawshredder and spoke to Bali just before he died. Bali whispered to Greylord "I'm sorry...I was too weak. I told him...Told him where to find the lady"

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