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Crimsonweed is the colloquialism coined by the Azrai to describe a substance that seemingly counteracts the effects of Silverweed toxicity. Although originally heralded as a "cure", Pheodora Chakravanti, the primary researcher behind it's development, has come to refer to it only as a "treatment." Unfortunately, only a few doses of this substance have been created, so information regarding it's efficacy and other properties is unavailable.


Initial Development

The development of the substance is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as for much of the period spent researching a "cure" for Silverweed, Pheodora was subject to manic and dissociative episodes. Once the ingredients of Silverweed were identified, the resulting breakthroughs seemed to tumble from her laboratory uncontrollably. The first breakthrough was the identification that the flower petals mysteriously delivered to her were actually those of Razorvine. Due to the relationship between Razorvine and Aoskar's Folly, Pheodora hypothesized that by utilizing the alchemical process used to create Silverweed, but substituting the Razorvine blossoms for the Folly blossoms, one may be able to distill a counter-agent.

This process was successful, and the resulting compound was used to treat Darius Forkmaker. Initial observation indicated increased mental capacity and decreased Sparkskew. Unfortunately, this exhausted the supply of Razorvine blossoms the Azrai had access to. It has since been hypothesized that Chakravanti's unpredictable mental state caused her to forget her experience in the Asylum Garden wherein her blood caused Razorvine to blossom.

Continued Research

The second breakthrough came from an unexpected source. Having witnessed the effects her blood had on Aram Oakwright while in the grips of Silverweed-induced psychosis, she attempted to use her own blood to drive out the essence within him. Initial experiments met with abject failure. In a moment of inspiration, she realized that the force within her blood was unable to sustain itself and required a power source. She utilized the last remaining Godsblood to craft a simple mixture, in her excitement, failing to observe any alchemical protocol. The subject's initial result was a series of violent seizures, but his symptoms were slightly diminished and his failing health improved somewhat. Long-term study was impossible, as days later, the subject was murdered by Sougad Lawshredder.

Unfortunately, this treatment exhausted Chakravanti's supply of Godsblood, and further research has been impossible.

Recent Developments

While examining the alchemy laboratory of Derioch Ysarl in the Clockwork Fortress, Chakravanti uncovered what appeared to be ethereal constructs of a substance resembling her blood and Godsblood. Upon distilling these into Crimsonweed and administering them to Forkmaker, some effects were observed. These effects seemed to persist even upon the subject entering an area where the constructs themselves would be unable to exist.