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Headquarters: Chapel Perilous (Lower Ward)
Factol: Lannister (deceased)
Factors: allegedly Torshorak, Mr. Dory, Butcher
Civic Function: City Demolitions & Maintenance

Don't confuse us with the Eschaton, berk. Sure, we believe that every thing falls apart, but the Enders believe that everything must fall apart. Everything, all of it, all of creation. That might seem like the same belief, only more of it to a clueless like you, but it's not. They believe in nothing, in the triumph of nothing.

Now, I don't lay claim to being the most stable blood in the cage, but them? They're over the rim and gone from stable. If I had my way, they'd all be tossed in the Asylum with the rest of the nutters.

Yeah, I know I don't get my way. The Eschaton made sure of that.

Kebelier, Underground Doomguard Scholar



The Eschaton believe in the end of all things. For some, this simply means increasing awareness of and preparing for the apocalypse they believe is inevitable. For others, it involves the active pursuit of that End.

The public, however, is not readily aware of these facets. To the man on the street, the Eschaton are the new-and-improved Doomguard, now with exciting technologies. This does not seem so discordant in the public eye, as the Doomguard were responsible for several inscrutable cutting-edge weaponry. The Eschaton seem to have merely expanded on that. The fact that maintenance of these technological devices is completely counter to the Doomguard philosophy has yet to raise many eyebrows.

In actuality, the Eschaton view the maintenance of these various devices (such as the HUB and the Sigil Train System) as a shuffling of the entropy they attempt to foment. If by decreasing entropy in a technological device, they empower themselves to increase entropy elsewhere, that is a net gain for the Eschaton. If by decreasing entropy in a technological device, they are able to actively bring about progress toward the End, that is the ultimate success. In this way the Eschaton philosophy is much more nuanced than the Doomguard philosophy. Rather than being obsessed with directly increasing entropy with every action, the Eschaton are focused on constant, steady progress toward a single, ultimate goal. The total obliteration of everything that exists.

The reasons for embracing this philosophy vary from individual to individual. Some have defected from the Doomguard and embrace this more sophisticated nihilism. Others believe that the End is inevitable and since this event will bring about the destruction of All Things, it must therefore be the only thing worth worship. These believers have a tendency to personify the state of nothingness that they worship, sometimes calling it the God At The End of All Things. Despite the logical inconsistencies with giving attributes to a state that is the absence of all attributes, these worshipers prostrate themselves before this fictitious being, some even deriving clerical powers from it.

The pursuit of such intricate and long-range goals requires immense resources and flawless leadership. The former is provided by the technologies the Eschaton has either invented, stolen or smuggled into the city. The latter was provided by a mysterious individual known as Lannister. Rumors circulate that there has lately been a significant power vacuum in the higher levels of Eschaton leadership. Whether this will have a detrimental effect on their machinations remains to be seen.

Surprisingly, there has not been a great deal of scrutiny of the Eschaton's doctrine. A short paper (File:Esch.pdf) was published on it, but it was largely ignored.


To the outside world, the Eschaton are essentially fanatical magi-tek support. The inner workings of the faction are opaque even to the namers. Their orchestrated plans demand a rigid organization, however, and closer inspection reveals a strict hierarchy and specialization.


For several years as both a faction and an organization, the Eschaton was lead by Lannister. After his death and with much of the upper echelon membership a mystery, it is uncertain who will assume the role of factol, nor even who has held the positions of factors. Still, Zactar intelligence suggests that The Butcher may be next in line. Intelligence further suggests, however, that it may be Bel who is the controlling force behind the Eschaton.


In accordance with the Rule of Three, the Eschaton has three distinct sects:


New members of the Eschaton are not necessarily immediately placed into a one particular sect. Many Namers work in the bureaucracy of the Eschaton, wear the white robes of the street preachers, or even work as rank and file guards. It is only those that distinguish themselves that become a member of a particular sect.

Known Namers


The Determinists are the sect of the Eschaton responsible for the zealous worship of The End. They essentially stoke the furnace of the organization, helping to not only motivate and drive the rest of the faction, but also providing the overarching strategy and clarity of purpose that characterizes the Eschaton. The Determinists were the first to obtain Divine power from the worship of The End, and it is they who are responsible for the personification of the nothing which exists after the final apocalypse. Some Determinists theorize that it is this successful anthropomorphization that has formed the conduit between this concept of nothing and the divine. Others claim that only those individuals who have given up the crutch of the personification and truly warped their minds to conceive of nothing are able to channel the true power of The End, and all others are deriving their ability from a false idol. This schism is one that threatens to divide the Determinists.

Known Determinists

  • Torshorak


The Actuarists are responsible for researching, developing and maintaining the technologies used by the Eschaton. This includes many pieces of Arendurian machinery and the technological and mechanical infrastructure of Sigil. While this mission may seem contrary to the underlying philosophy of the Eschaton, in the long run, the Actuarists are the division of the Eschaton who have made the strongest strides in driving this cycle, and all cycles, toward the looming edge of existence.

Lately the Actuarists have begun to direct more resources toward "natural philosophy" (i.e. "basic science", as opposed to the "applied philosophy" - engineering - they focused on heretofore). This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, their influx of smuggled and pilfered technology has begun to ebb, obviating a major source of materials for the Eschaton to reverse engineer and apply. Secondly, the understanding of some of the most advanced Actuarists is approaching that of the greatest minds in the last cycle, and thus, the greatest minds ever to exist. Lastly, there is a growing sentiment that the answers to unraveling existence lies in the weave of reality, and the technologies which encompass the majority of the scientific efforts of the Eschaton are mere abstractions.

Fortunately, the leadership of the Eschaton have been able to reconcile these two views by showing those Actuarists who focus on applied philosophy how the greater knowledge provided by the natural philosophers helps to expand the scope and power of the Eschaton's devices.

Known Actuarists

Known Actuarist Projects


The Incompatibilists, or InComps, are the militant arm of the Eschaton. Comprised in large part of former Doomguard footsoldiers, those ranks have swelled with time, have been honed with training and have been strengthened with Eschaton technologies.

The rank and file soldiers of the Eschaton are rarely referred to as InComps, although technically they are under the purview of this sect. Rather those soldiers who fill the roles of infantry, sentry, scout and guard are generally referred to either as the specific role they are filling or generally as "Grunts", those soldiers who fill leadership roles are referred to as "Officers" and only those soldiers who have distinguished themselves in some way are referred to as "InComps."

Known Incomps

  • Bodyn the Merciless
  • Lars - deceased

Standard Equipment

Grunts are generally equipped with a lightweight half-plate armor made of a ferro-ceramic compound, a melee weapon of similar construction and a rifle capable of semi-automatic fire with a capacity of between eight and sixteen rounds.

Officers are similarly equipped, generally with the addition of a sidearm as well.

InComps are equipped as necessary, and depending on the specific operation may have access to the entirety of the Eschaton armory.

Inter-sect Cooperation

Due to the inflexibility of the Eschaton vision, it is necessary that the three sects of the faction operate together seamlessly. However, the lines between the sects are stark. It is not uncommon for an Actuarist to be assigned to a unit of InComps to operate a piece of machinery or to facilitate their mission. Likewise, the vision and passion of the Determinists is frequently utilized militantly, and those with sufficient training can find themselves commanding a number of Grunts or even InComps.

The most volatile interactions comes from the cooperation between the Determinists and the Actuarists. The Actuarists prefer to be guided by their own passion for answers and frequently believe their path to The End is the most direct. The Determinists, however, can see the entirety of the Design, and they believe strongly that the most direct path is not always the best. This philosophy has been proven right more than any Actuarist cares to admit, and the progress made when these two divisions operate in perfect synchronicity has done more to advance the cause of the Eschaton than either of the two sects working independently could dream of accomplishing.


Although this is a newly formed faction, the Eschaton organization existed in Sigil since about 628 HR, around the time Lawshredder reappeared. Following the death of Factol Sarin, Lannister obtained the deed to the Chapel Perilous, giving the organization a base of operations. With the expulsion of the Doomguard and the relapse in duties of the Dabus, the Eschaton were quick to apply for faction status. Whether it by virtue of their diverse technological expertise, or because Lannister/Valiant had enough votes in the Hall of Speakers, the Eschaton were quickly approved. After the Giordanni Family led expedition to Ranais in the Beastlands, the Eschaton benefited from a massive influx of Empire age technology. As a result, they are currently one of the more connected and important factions within the Sigil.

Civic Function

As a result of their technological expertise and the lapse of the Dabus, the Eschaton have inherited the maintenance of the city. This includes the servicing and maintenance of the following:


The Eschaton have several warehouses, factories, and offices throughout the city:

  • The Chapel Perilous - The Eschaton HQ
  • The Eschaton Warehouse - Storage, transport, and research
  • Steamjack Factory - A recent but massive project
  • Offices of Sanitation - Eschaton offices in every ward
  • Ethereal Power Stations - Allow access to the massive power grid


Despite their relatively short time as a faction, the Eschaton have developed a complex series of relationships.


These organizations share or shared goals and motivations with the Eschaton and actively supported one another.


These organizations share or shared a business relationship with the Eschaton


These organizations actively oppose or opposed the Eschaton


The Eschaton's relationship with these organizations is ambiguous at best

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