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The Takers, The Heartless

The Takers handle the most hated and needed task in the city: They control the Hall of Records - a vital piece of city administration. They record property deeds, births, and deaths (when some sod bothers to notify them). This isn't what makes them hated though. They're also the tax collectors, a job nobody thanks them for. With their "I got it, you don't" attitude, the Takers are perfect for the job. Now, having all this jink could be trouble for the other factions, so they all keep the balance by trying to pay as little as possible. If things get too bad, any faction can always appeal to the Guvners - their control of the courts gives them the means to keep the Fated's greed under control, and the rest paying their taxes.

Kylie the Tout
Symbol fated.jpg
Headquarters: The Hall of Records (Clerk's Ward)
Factol: Duke Rowan Darkwood missing
Factors: Otto Tallfellow
Civic Function: Tax Collection



They believe that those with power and ability have the right to own what they control and to take what they can from those who are unable to keep it, and that it is their right to exploit any situation to their advantage, regardless of how it affects anyone else. They are derived from real-life Social Darwinists and the philosophies of Ayn Rand.



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