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So, you've come to this page for help? What is your emergency?



Are you confused by the commands of this website? Try searching the internet, someone has already written enough to about anything here. Any other confusion should be cleared up by the fact that this is a game.


What can I do to be helpful?

  • There are a million, million pages that need to be added. If you're looking for a page to create, you can always start by creating locations in Sigil. Additionally, many pages would be helped immensely by having further detail added to them.
  • Your contributions should be in the active voice!

What isn't helpful?

  • Please take note, when you are adding pages, you should make sure that you're adding enough information to be helpful. Generally speaking, any topic probably needs at least a paragraph - and probably more - of accurate, concise, well-written description to justify creating a page for it. If you don't have that much information to impart on a subject, or can't hit that minimum of a solid paragraph of relevant game information, it's probably better to save your topic for another time when you've got more to say.
  • Recognize that this wiki is a joint effort, and any help you give is appreciated. At the same time, please also recognize that constructive criticism is always welcome on any and all wiki entries. Nonconstructive criticism isn't welcome at all; don't complain about a problem if you aren't trying to solve it.


It's a Trap!

On Fire

Stop, Drop, and Roll


The affiliates of this website assume no responsibility of injury caused by this website.