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I've met the Scout, Kavi. I'm not going to lie, he is a frightening piece of work. Pure weapon through and through. Built solely to kill as surely as that sword you wear on your hip. More frightening, there's reason to believe he was built solely to kill us. I don't think any of us would have approved of what Rogue did if he'd given us warning beforehand.

Thank the Gods he didn't though, because that kid has become one our most valuable assets. He embodies the dedication and tenacity of Zactar Intelligence. More importantly, he embodies the principles of hope and redemption of the Zactar at large. Because if a sword can chose to become a plowshare, then there's hope for us all.

Ren o' the Blade Factol, Zactar
Race: Warforged
Class: Monk
Affiliation: Zactar (Faction)
Profession: Zactar Infiltrator
Player: Eric


It is difficult to get details of Kavi's origin out of him. If asked, he will tell you he came into existence in the Zactar Cathedral on Retributus 22, 636 HR. He will also tell you that this answer is not entirely accurate, but it is the most accurate answer based on generally accepted semantic criteria and furthermore, it is the the answer he is most comfortable with.

The truth of the matter is that "Kavi" was captured as the result of a skirmish between a small force of Warforged and the Crux Army's 121st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade - a group of Regulators who were field testing a highly advanced piece of artillery based on captured SHARD technology. The body of the Sinestral was brought to Rogue for study.

It is uncertain exactly what transpired during that study, but Kavi claims to have access to Rogue's memories, programming and other subroutines, although he will be quick to point out that he lacks the processing power of his progenitor, and thus is incapable of running the most advanced programs Rogue has access to, such as those designed for encryption/decryption. That being said, Kavi has demonstrated pattern-recognition, fuzzy logic and inference generating abilities that surpass Rogue's. Additionally, Kavi has retained and improved upon his "built-in" combat and infiltration abilities. He was quickly put to work with Zactar Intelligence, although there is some lingering suspicion as to his loyalty, both Rogue and Zactar have expressed confidence in his dedication. Nonetheless, he was placed under the watchful eye of Descartes and the two worked together extensively throughout the War of Reckoning.


Kavi skull.jpg

Kavi is a Sinestral - a living construct seemingly "designed" to be an assassin. While his general appearance is similar to that of a "standard" Warforged, he is noticeably less bulky. In lieu of steel plates over a wooden frame, Sinestrals have plates of black mithril over a frame of ebony and bone. His visage is skeletal as well, although the top half of his face is usually covered by a featureless, seemingly opaque, metal visor.

Like all Sinestrals, his primary weapon is his oversized left fist. When closed, it appears to be a solid block of black mithril. Kavi occasionally wears clothes, but he has yet to determine if this makes people more or less comfortable with his appearance. He has even attempted to use magical means to make himself appear human, but this was an abject failure. He has attributed this to a phenomenon known as the Uncanney Valley.


For a being of such grace and ability, Kavi comes across as oddly unsure of himself. Rather than directly challenge the positions of those he respects, Kavi will ask questions to explore why he has reached a different conclusion. Once he has identified the crux of the disagreement, he will ask someone he trusts, historically Descartes or Rogue, if he was wrong.

He also has a tendency to announce his conclusions in the middle of a conversation. This was perhaps best exemplified in the middle of a conversation with Rowan Darkwood when he arrived at the improbable conclusion that Darkwood has conspired to manipulate events so that Monroe St. Dumas would be killed by Lawshredder so that Edward James Dumas would be wiped from reality with the ultimate goal of preventing the TimeReaver Ritual from ever occurring. Darkwood confirmed that Kavi's conclusion was at least partially accurate.

In combat, Kavi is silent, precise, brutally efficient and efficiently brutal. Although he frequently opts to leave opponents alive, he has demonstrated that he is capable of killing with little of the hesitation that he shows in his social interactions. Some Zactar Intelligence officers have expressed concern that his combat abilities and the dichotomy between those two sides of his personality demonstrate he still has a connection to the being he was before he was awakened by Rogue.

The fact that Kavi has access to Rogue's memories makes his interaction with the Azrai somewhat odd. Many of his views and attitudes toward them are shaped by these perceptions, and since their return, he has been fastidiously confirming the conclusions he had drawn. However, since the information is asymmetrical, and Kavi knows much more about the Azrai than they know about him, he has tried to hold off on acting too familiar toward them, realizing that those he considers friends may not be capable of returning the sentiment. No where is this more true than with Atticus, whom he considers his progenitor's progenitor - or in more human terms, his grandfather.

Common Hangouts

Zactar Cathedral


Primary Organizational Affiliation: Zactar Intelligence
In only a short amount of time, Kavi has proven himself to be an integral operative in the ZInt organization. While the primary roles Kavi plays in ZInt are infiltrating and intelligence gathering (hence his codename "Scout"), he has become vital in assisting Rannon with tactical analyses and planning and implementing complex sorties and operations. Additionally, he has demonstrated that when called upon he can be a capable and remorseless assassin. Fortunately for all involved, he is not so called upon very frequently.


These individuals are closest to Kavi.


These groups and individuals share or shared goals and motivations with Kavi and they actively support one another.


Kavi's relationship with these groups or individuals is ambiguous at best


These groups and individuals actively oppose Kavi

  • Lawshredder - Although Lawshredder has been inactive during Kavi's existence, Kavi nonetheless feels very strongly about the being known as Lawshredder. He has identified this as an "inherited" trait.
  • The Eschaton
  • The Meridian Group

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