Lawshredder Murders

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The Lawshredder Murders first began in 30 HR with the ritualistic slaying of Grundelthum Sunder. Since that time, Sougad Lawshredder has murdered dozens of individuals in in two separate murder sprees.


Practice Murders

Although initially thought to be merely an anomaly of the Automatic Scribe, the Azrai discovered in Episode: The Gateway of Mystery that Dr. Vrinn was likely responsible for what the LIT had coined the Lawshredder Practice Murders.

First Murder Spree

Lawshredder's first murder spree began in 30 HR with Grundelthum Sunder and consisted of either 10 or 11 murders before Lawshredder was captured at the Chapel Perilous.


Below are the victims and their murder files assembled by the previous Lawshredder Investigation Team:

  1. Grundelthum Sunder
    Grundelthum Sunder File
  2. Vira Eros
    Vira Eros File
  3. Galvin Rikers
    Galvin Rikers File
  4. Raster Frist
    Raster Frist File
  5. Conners Burgess
    Conners Burgess File
  6. Father Cyric
    Father Cyric File
  7. Monroe St. Dumas
    Monroe St. Dumas File
  8. Ashley Hanover
    Ashley Hanover File
  9. Emma Oakwright
    Emma Oakwright File
  10. Kaylee Harven
    Kaylee Harven File
  11. Pheodora Chakravanti

Darius' Notes

Here are some of Darius' journal entries in reference to the First Murder Spree.

Second Murder Spree

The second series of Lawshredder Murders may have begun as early as 600 years ago during the Asylum Break with the murder of Old Donner. The majority of these murders, however, have taken place between 628 HR and the current date 635 HR. The most recent victim, Lannister the Lion, marks Lawshredder's 12th victim during this spree.


Below are the victims and their murder files assembled by Pheodora and the current Lawshredder Investigation Team:

  1. Old Donner
    Old Donner File
  2. Nari
    Nari File
  3. Judge Favur Temk
    Favur Temk File
  4. Vienna of the Godsmen
    Vienna File
  5. Fassa Abalon
    Fassa File
  6. Bali Hardback
    Bali File
  7. Tavrat Choc
    Tavrat File
  8. Noxana the Unwilling
    Noxana File
  9. Aram Oakwright
    Aram File
  10. Derioch Ysarl
    Derioch File
  11. Factol Valiant Lannister
    Valiant File
  12. Lannister the Lion
    No file available?
  13. Oldest Barmy
  14. Trolan
  15. Eliath - Confirmed by Silvanus.



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