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This is a list of members of the St. Dumas Family. While the best known member of the Clan, Edward the Conjurer, has played a major role in Azrai events in Sigil and throughout the planes, most individuals listed here have remained far from the face of such major happenings.

The list includes individuals surnamed Dumas as well as notable individuals by other surnames who are related to the Dumas family.



Dian St. Dumas

Appeared in the Episode The Gateway of Mystery, in which he was killed by Dr. Vrinn aka the Hive Strangler as part of the Lawshredder Practice Murders.

Monroe St. Dumas

Killed by Lawshredder as part of the first spree of Lawshredder Murders.

Monroe St. Dumas on

Present Day

Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas

Learned by the Azrai to still be alive and active, going by the name "Crank". Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas was a gifted graduate of the school, and would go on to serve as a Dean at the CoAA. The building housing the magical theory program, St. Dumas Hall, is named after him today. He is known to made many landmark discoveries in his day, though his works later in life would go on to be largely ignored and dismissed as failed science. Most notably, his final treatise on Ethereal Transcendence - analyzed at length as a advanced project by Mikail Gasparov, Toknar, and a team of 20 students - was found to be full of methodology that could not be replicated and thus dismissed.

Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas II

Graduate of the CoAA, known as a talented wizard, it has been proposed by Lannister the Lion that he was a founder of the Meridian Group, along with Rowan Darkwood. Known as a pragmatic individual, he passed off his control of the family's assets to his younger sister, to focusing on consulting work. Though he is of exceptional age, he shows few signs of this; additionally, he spends his time on the lower & inner planes, in the company of elementals, djinn, and fiends. He is not in regular contact with the rest of the St. Dumas family, but was living in the City of Brass as of several years ago.

Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas III

Vryce III, like his ancestors before him, graduated at the top of his class from the CoAA and went on to become a successful administrator at the institution. While at the university, he was known for his pioneering spells and rituals that were created specifically for wartime use, having to do with supply lines, troop movements, fortifications, and the like. He is known to be on an extended sabbatical from the school at the present time. It's said that he's become obsessed with the study of magic theory, specifically as it relates to alternate existences. To this end, he has isolated himself at the family estates in Bytopia.

Helen Celine Montenegro Dumas

After marrying Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas III and pursuing the education and raising of her children passionately, Helen immediately set about strengthening the trade relationship between the Montenegro & St. Dumas families, once enough of her children were out of the house that she had time to do anything other than mother them. Though she has shares of various familial assets, her lone sole interest is Beautiful Demise, an old family shop in the Lady's Ward that manufactures exceptionally ornate decorative weapons - nearly all of which are completely combat-ready. Staffed strictly by Doomguard loyalists, she ensures that the shop policy is no political talk for just that reason. Currently she resides in Bytopia with Vryce III, where she maintains an active social life and doesn't worry about her husband's isolation. Too much.

Vryce Jean-Baptiste Dumas IV

The current Factol of the Fated and Eldest son of Vryce III is covered in detail here.

Neal Reordan Dumas

Given the nickname "the second heir", Neal was popular & well liked. A career soldier in the service of the Fated guard, Neil disappeared years ago when the PTC trade vessel he was stationed on was attacked on the River Styx. His death is said to have taken away his older brother's laugh.

Rowan Geoffrey Dumas

Named for Vryce III’s old friend and former(?) Factol, The Duke. 4th in birth order, Rowan works for the family in Bytopia & Sigil, where he serves as the pointman and face for Vryce IV. Think ex-football player & frat boy stereotype, turned republican merchant & spokesperson. Rowan is devious and cunning, political and social. He knows the word on the street, and while he's more likely to know the word on a street in the Tower District or Lady's Ward, he knows a surprising amount of the chant in the Hive and Lower Ward as well. Where Vryce is unshakable, distant, and determined, Rowan finds loopholes, does the dirty portion of politics, and makes many of Vryce's public appearances for him. Those not in the know believe Rowan to be the head of the Dumas family - and in many ways he is, keeping any attention directed at the family, and particularly Vryce IV, squarely on himself.

Now that Vryce IV is serving as a Factol of the Fated, Rowan is taking a much more active role in Faction operations, working to spin stories in SIGIS and in the public eye to the betterment of the faction for sure, but specifically Vryce IV.

Andrew Maerten Dumas

Andrew is the go-to "head of the family" in Bytopia. Andrew is responsible & dedicated, but his motivation & direction in life is less political, whereas his older brothers Rowan & Vryce IV are driven in more traditional ways. Known to be pious, he is a priest of St. Dumas family patron god Azuth.

Gage Nathaniel Dumas

Often thought to be the twin of his just slightly younger sibling Edward, both brothers shared the St. Dumas talent for magic. However, Gage's serious attitude and, in SCI Dean Mikail Gasparov's opinion, obviously superior talent for arcane manipulation, set him apart from Edward. Still, the brothers advanced through the ranks at the CoAA together, excelling in their studies and always known for their razor-sharp wits. However, none would have argued that between the two boys - rivals as much as life-long best friends - Edward unquestionably had one up on Gage where the matter of kissing girls was concerned. In 627 HR, in the month of Tithing, Gage undertook his Magus-Grade promotion test for the school. A week later, news of his death was made public, and the event - called "This generation's St. Dumas tragedy" by SIGIS received moderate, if somewhat brief, media attention. One of Vryce IV's sons is named Gage Sean Dumas in honor of his uncle.

Edward James Dumas

The hilariously questionable state of Edward the Conjurer's existence is covered to death on Ed's wiki page. Move along.

Celine Amelia Dumas

Eighth in birth order, Celine works at the Hall of Records in Information & Organizational Planning. She is responsible for updating detailed documentation in the Hall of Records on a variety of subjects, which leads to her being present at many social gatherings and exotic locations. In layman's terms, Celine is a spy, though she without question would take incredible offense at such an implication.

Mirabel Westgate Dumas

Mirabel is quiet & spends her time working at the Hall of Records in the research division. With eight siblings born before her, she had plenty of examples to learn from growing up. She studied in a temple of Oghma growing up, and would go on to graduate at a very young age from the CoAA as a Loremaster, with her final thesis approved by notable Loremaster Otto Tallfellow. Since her graduation, she has gone to work from the Fated, in a research team that takes it's orders directly from factor Tallfellow. Before the War of Reckoning, her team was instrumental in the The Fated v. The Giordanni case. In 636HR, Mirabel's team has been reassigned to tasks within the her oldest brother's administration at the Hall of Records