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This wiki is a repository of background information for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.
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Featured Character

Sougad Lawshredder, otherwise known simply as Lawshredder, is the infamous serial killer responsible for the multiple strings of Lawshredder Murders. More than just a man, Lawshredder may be the physical embodiment of the God at the End of All Things a primordial entity said to be bent on the destruction of the Multiverse. Of the Azrai, Atticus in particular is obsessed with stopping the plots of Sigil's most feared bogie man. In the flesh Lawshredder is a fearsome sword fighter and a nearly indomitable opponent. Only weapons treated with the powerful magical poison Crimsonweed are capable of even harming the elusive and deadly killer. It's thought that if he completes the ritual killing of 16 victims without being stopped the power gained from the act could propel Lawshredder to untold and reality altering power.

Featured Organization

Vryce Dumas IV
The St. Dumas Family is one of, if not the most, wealthy, powerful and connected families in all the Multiverse. The family has its hands in The Fated, the Circle of Amassed Arcana, the PTC, the Meridian Group and many other influential groups as well as having a history of backing the ambitious Duke Rowan Darkwood. The family is large and varied but the direction of the family has been steered by four generations of Dumas patriarchs. Now in the hands of Vryce Dumas IV the family has turned its attention to the possibility of the end times and the coming Ritual of Reconciliation. However, their ultimate goals are still shrouded in mystery.

Featured Episode

In the episode Episode: A Better Chess Partner First Kavi reveals he has uploaded the Cyclical Predictor Equations into his Warforged programing. Then the Azrai use The Tower to travel to the Archives of Arendur in hopes of intercepting some of Trolan's hidden memories. Finally, our heroes devise an elaborate plan to sneak Kavi into the now Eschaton controlled Hub, only the key to getting there lies with the Azrai performing The Trials of Lazarod at none other than the Temple of the Abyss. But what did the Azrai learn from Trolan's memories? Can they really fool Noshteroth right under his nose? And when they do find the HUB will it change one of the Azrai forever?

Featured Aaron Roco

We have recently switched from D&D 3.5 to the new and awesome Dungeon World rules set. All of your favorite characters play the same but now have new and improved builds. As a part of this upgrade we've started developing our own Dungeon World Moves and Dungeon World Spells, check 'em out! --Aaron Roco!

Featured image

The Tower
The Tower is the impossibly tall centerpiece to Strahd's Castle in the dark pocket dimension of Nexus. By using the Clockwork Orb at the center of the tower, the Azrai have been able to jump to many different times and places. The use of the tower also explains the mysterious appearances and disappearances of the Oldest Barmy.

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