Meridian Group

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Meridian Group
Meridian group.jpg
Location: Sigil
Leader: Unknown
Notable Members: All of them
Purpose: Research

The Meridian Group is a well-connected research-based group about which little is known, save that they are probably not trying to make friends with the Azrai or the Zactar.




According to Lannister, the Meridian Group was founded around 600 years ago by Rowan Darkwood and Vryce Dumas II of the St. Dumas Family.

The Silverweed Connection

Several centuries ago in Sigil, the Gasper's silverweed imports and research were funded by an individual named Mr. Montroose. Again according to Lannister, it is believed that Mr. Montroose was actually an alias for Rowan Darkwood and that this funding may have led to the propagation of silverweed in Sigil.

Leadership and Organization

Unknown at this time



These individuals are believed to have provided funding or are active members of the Meridian Group


The Meridian Group likely employs mercenaries or other organizations to assist their projects.