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Noshteroth is the current High-Priest of the Temple of the Abyss. While his precise Demonic Lineage is unknown, it is speculated that he may be half-Nalfeshnee. This theory is predicated entirely on his enormous girth, however, with no other supporting evidence of which to speak.

In addition to his duties as an Abyssal High-Priest, Noshtheroth is a member of the Cabal and of the Meridian Group. With so many organizations, one wonders how he has the time to engineer his own daughter's murder and the slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilians.

Race: Fat
Class: Cleric?
Affiliation: Illuminated/Meridian Group
Profession: High-Priest
Player: NPC



Noshteroth is a gregarious, outgoing, intelligent and charismatic individual. His actions demonstrate he is an individual of great temporal, economic and political power and that he is aware of his power. He responds well to direct action, but is also quite adept at subtleties and innuendo. He is not easily manipulated, although if he determines your goals are in line with his own, he will appear to allow himself to be manipulated, all the while holding the strings of those who think themselves puppet-masters.

Unlike the former high priest, Noshteroth is quite a socialite, and is fond of throwing wild, indulgent parties in the name of spreading the "good word" of the Lords of the Abyss.


Really ridiculously fat. Bedecked in jewels and other expensive baubles, he often dresses in obscenely large silks that do little to hide his girth.

History with the Azrai

Noshteroth rose to his position of power after the mass deaths of high priests across Sigil, including the minotaur Kragnarok, former high priest of the Temple of the Abyss (see Episode: The Rise of the Eschaton). Little more was known about him until Pheodora Chakravanti sought him out in an attempt to assist Otto Tallfellow in his court case against the Giordanni Family (see Episode: The Search for Silverweed). This initial exchange soon blossomed into an ongoing professional and social relationship. Pheodora has expressed on numerous occasions that she believed Noshteroth to be acutely aware of her motives in continuing her interaction with him. Nonetheless, the Azrai found him to be a valuable resource, and encouraged her continued cooperation, if questioning her degree of efficacy and apparent enthusiasm.

While Pheodora's disappearance might jeopardize this relationship, the recent discovery that Noshteroth is a member of the Illuminated Cabal has given the Azrai an additional degree of access to the questionable resource they have been exploiting and exploited by in turn.

Noshteroth's Collection

A noted collector of "antiques", Noshteroth, and Cadmus, the former owner of Noshteroth's Manor, have assembled quite a collection.

For a more complete description see Episode: Noshteroth's Collection.

Notable Traits

Common Hangouts


Primary Organization Affiliation: Temple of the Abyss (Organization)

Secondary Organization Affiliation: Cabal

Secondary Organization Affiliation: Meridian Group


These individuals appear closest to Noshteroth


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