Duke Rowan Darkwood

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Surprise me? My dear boy, your mistake was that you only got up early today. To pull the wool over the eyes of The Duke, you have to stay up all night!

- Rowan Darkwood

Duke Rowan Darkwood
Race: Human
Class: Ranger/Cleric
Affiliation: Fated
Profession: Factol
Player: NPC


Duke Rowan Darkwood is the former factol of the Fated. Often called simply The Duke, the burly and well dressed human originally hails from Faerun. It was shortly after his arrival in Sigil with Otto Tallfellow that he took over leadership of the Fated. As a result of his stewardship, the Fated for a time became arguably the most powerful of the Factions in Sigil. Apparently thirsting for control of the City of Doors, Darkwood sought the Sorrow Stone initially because of the legends that spoke of an entrapped sorcerer who challenged the Lady of Pain and nearly succeeded. He devised a plan to travel back in time to the Gatehouse Asylum to retrieve the stone, but failed to return. Instead he became trapped in the past, confined to a cell by the Bleak Cabal, and became the individual known as the Oldest Barmy.

History with the Azrai

The Azrai first met Darkwood when he summoned them to manor. Since the Azrai had already successfully located several other Seeker Stones, he wished to employ them in locating the Sorrow Stone. In return he would use his wealth and prestige to legitimize them within the city (see Episode: The Relentless). Once the Azrai had successfully tracked the stone through time to its disappearance at the Gatehouse Asylum, Darkwood pressured Edward the Conjurer into using his knowledge of time travel to send Darkwood back in time to the Gatehouse Asylum at a time that the Sorrow Stone would be uncovered.

Notable Traits

  • Persuasive public speaker, skilled politician, effective diplomat
  • Knowledgeable historian
  • Well-traveled
  • Powerful caster

The Oldest Barmy

Duke Rowan Darkwood
Oldest barmy.jpg
Race: Human
Class: Gate-Jumper
Affiliation: None?
Profession: Time-lost former Factol
Player: NPC

The Oldest Barmy is known as the longest committed resident of the Gatehouse Asylum. It was recently revealed to the Azrai that he is actually Duke Rowan Darkwood, having been stranded hundreds of years in the past by the TimeReaver ritual performed by Edward the Conjurer. Whether this consequence was intended by Edward is yet unknown.

Recorded History

The earliest mentions of the Oldest Barmy are in Bleaker records. He was discovered wandering inaccessible Asylum corridors, and was taken into custody some time later. He reportedly attempted escape many times. The only remaining records of his time spent in the Asylum are those kept by Derioch Ysarl, who studied him extensively. It was she who first determined his true identity, but jealously guarded this secret until the final few months of her life, when she confided it to the Azrai after they had already figured it out themselves. She was a bit of a cunt like that.

The Oldest Barmy gained notoriety within the Asylum because of his supposed ability to predict the future, particularly with regards to the Lawshredder Murders. This ability may have even been paramount to Lawshredder's recorded capture at the Chapel Perilous. His predictive abilities later became the stuff of worship by the fledgling Eschaton, as they believed they could use him to find Lawshredder. It is believed currently, however, that his "predictive" abilities merely stem from the fact that he had knowledge of the future.

The Oldest Barmy finally won his freedom in the Asylum Break, during which he and the other escapees fled through a series of tunnels The Barmy had apparently spent centuries digging. Based on the reports of Blander Mul, during the course of the escape, The Barmy apparently followed Eliath for a ways, doubled back, then struggled with The Hound. It is presumed they were fighting over the Sorrow Stone.

Since that time, The Barmy has made many appearances. Very recently, his activity increased a great deal. Firstly, he appeared on numerous occasions seemingly with the intent to stop Darkwood from completing or participating in Edward's ritual. He also appeared at the ritual, fighting with Darkwood before the Duke was able to make his way through the portal. Following that, he was responsible for opening the Third Door. He is currently being pursued by the Eschaton and by Balthazar Thames, who seems to have an ability to locate the Barmy. This pursuit is severely hampered by The Barmy's ability to create, open and close portals seemingly at will. During the Episode: Fire and Ash, Flesh and Blood the Barmy was briefly spotted listening to a sermon given by Torshorak outside the Chapel Perilous.





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